Princess Beatrice suffered with low self-confidence due to her dyslexia.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice

The 31-year-old royal was diagnosed with the learning difficulty when she was younger and she admitted it made her question herself constantly.

In a new video released by Made By Dyslexia, a global charity led by successful dyslexics, Beatrice shared: "I was very lucky, I got to go to a school that was very nurturing and supportive... [but] I would describe the actual day to day learning side of things - very challenging. I remember we had different books to describe where your reading levels had got to, and I was always on the white books... my best friends were always on the yellow books, or the green books, they were so far ahead.

"[I'd think] 'I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, why am I not like the others?' Those moments are very defining, I think if I could say to my younger self... 'Do not be defined by those moments that happen to you in that exam or that classroom, because they are lifelong learnings and they build you up to be who you are'."

However, Beatrice - who has been forced to postpone her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi due to the Covid-19 pandemic - believes her dyslexia has actually helped her in her current role as Vice President of Partnerships & Strategy at software company Afiniti.

She said: "I'm very lucky I've been able to find a job that relies on my communication skills a lot more than it is me sitting behind a desk. A lot of my colleagues also have dyslexia because we work in a technology company that is always about looking at things differently. And I think that's one of the strengths we have as dyslexics, looking at things differently."

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