Princess Diana's driver had to stop strangers from seeing the late royal's body after she passed.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales was just 36-years-old when she tragically passed away after a car accident in Paris in August 1997 and her loyal driver Colin Tebbutt - who was not driving at the time of the crash - has told how he had to stop people from coming into the room where she was.

He said: "She wasn't in a mortuary, she was in a bedroom in bed covered in an enormous amount of blankets. The place appeared to be in turmoil. My first job was to stop people coming in and bowing.

"People, government mi­nisters, you name it. I didn't know who they were. Anybody that was calling in at the hospital. They didn't say anything - they were just bowing and walking out. It was wrong. I knew why they were there, but it had to stop."

And Colin even spotted people "climbing about on roofs" and begged for blankets to be put on the windows to give Diana her privacy.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "When I returned, she looked 100 per cent better but it was one of the hottest days of the year and the room was like a furnace. He did her hair nicely then he put a rosary on the bed. Then, to my horror, I saw people climbing about on roofs. They were some distance away but that was a blow. There were no blinds so I ordered some blankets to be brought and hung them at the windows.

"Then, as the room was getting ­hotter with the blankets, I asked for some fans. I switched them on and as I turned round, her hair and eyelashes were moving. Just for that moment I thought, 'My God, she is alive!' I was in shock. That was when it came home to me. I turned round and returned to normal but it was a horrible moment. None of us sat with her that ­afternoon. She was in the room at peace, with guards outside."

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