Catherine, Princess of Wales will continue to provide "immense support" for Prince William, according to a royal expert.

The Princess of Wales will support her husband in his new role

The Princess of Wales will support her husband in his new role

The 40-year-old royal was made the Prince of Wales following the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8, and Jonathan Sacerdoti believes that he'll be leaning on his wife for help and support as he adjusts to his new role.

Jonathan said: "She's always carried out her role with the family actually very well. She's somebody that is immensely popular with the public. They absolutely love her."

Jonathan believes that Catherine - who has Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, with William - believes she's become "excellent" in her role as a royal.

He told E! News: "When you see her appearing in walkabouts like they've done recently, and you see the way she speaks with the crowd, the way she engages with them - she talks about her children, she asks people questions about their lives that help them feel she's genuinely interested in them - I think she's excellent at all of that work."

And Jonathan is confident that the princess will continue to provide great support for her husband.

He said: "I think that's something that's very, very important to their relationship and to his role as Prince of Wales.

"I think we'll see her carrying on like that, really shouldering a lot of the burden herself, supporting her husband but also doing excellent work herself on issues that are particularly important to her."

Meanwhile, King Charles previously backed William to "continue to inspire and lead our national conversations".

Charles suggested that his eldest son will help to "bring the marginal to the centre ground, where vital help can be given".