Britain's Queen Elizabeth's dress maker says she treats her "no different" to her other customers.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

June Kenton from premier lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller, who has fitted the monarch with lingerie for 33 years, has admitted she kits the 89-year-old royal out with made-to-measure bras in the same way she does her other clients.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, June, who also worked with the late Princess Diana, said: "Every woman in the world grew two [boobs], and these two that are here need to be sorted out. The Queen is no different from any of our customers because they need to be seen to, and they need to be wearing the correct size."

However, there is one difference between her and the other customers as June doesn't refer to everyone as Your Majesty.

She added: "I wouldn't think that anybody walks into my store where I would have to curtsy and say, 'Good morning, Your Majesty!' It's nothing like fitting anybody else really. It really isn't. And that's the wonderful joy of it."

The lingerie brand owner, 79, says her main objective when she fitting the Queen is to ensure she looks "amazing."

She explained: "The most important thing is to make sure that she looks amazing because we know that whatever she's going to be wearing over it has got to look good."

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