Britain's Queen Elizabeth video calls her grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 89-year-old royal - who became the longest reigning monarch last week - relies on the online chat service, Skype to keep in touch with her granddaughter Zara Phillips, 34.

Her Majesty made the revelation while making her annual visit to the Women's Institute in Sandringham, Norfolk.

Vice President Mrs. Browne told "She's very much in the modern world, and as most grandparents know, if they want to keep in touch with their families these days that's what they have to do!"

News that she uses the internet to keep in touch with her relatives comes just a week after it was revealed she critiques the BBC drama 'Downton Abbey' for fun.

Brian Hoey, author of 'At Home With The Queen' said: "She loves to pick out the mistakes. They do tend to get it right. However, the queen did notice on one episode that there was a young so-called British officer wearing medals which had not been awarded when he was supposed to be alive.

"He was fighting in the First World War and the medals on his chest did not come in until the Second World War."

Along with a love of 'Downton Abbey, she's also believed to be a huge fan of 'EastEnders', 'Keeping Up Appearances' , 'Last of the Summer Wine' and 'The X Factor.'