A bottle of whisky donated by Queen Elizabeth has fetched £33,000 at auction.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Regions Hospital in Minnesota has sold off one of two rare bottles of whisky as part of its annual Wine Auction fundraiser.

The whisky was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $50,000 USD, however, TheDrinksBusiness.com reports that earlier bottles of the Queen's special whisky have sold for as much as $65,000.

The whisky comes from The Queen's Cask, a barrel of alcohol donated to the monarch during a visit to the Bowmore Distillery in Scotland in 1980.

The barrel was bottled in 2002, with three of the rare beverages being donated to charity each year.

Regions Hospital auctioned its first bottle on September 19 and will auction the second bottle on November 20 at Bonham's auction house in New York City.

Proceeds will benefit the Regions Hospital Burn Center, which aids victims of house fires, severe frost bite and oil explosions.

The charity's co-chairperson, Sarah Bazey, suffered severe burns of her own in a helicopter crash in 1994.

Bazey went to university with Simon Berry, the current chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd, which supplies boozy beverages to the royal family.

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