Britain's Queen Elizabeth II returned a £50 note and wrote a letter thanking a royal fan for the gift.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

David Vaz penned a message to the monarch along with money to treat herself to something as a token of being the longest-reigning royal, and was shocked when her majesty sent the cash back with a letter of appreciation and explained that royals are not allowed to accept presents of a "financial nature".

The letter from David to the queen read: "Dear Madam,

"I understand that you are about to make history as the longest reigning Monarch ever.

"Ever since I was a little boy you have been the reigning Queen of England. I am so pleased you have had such a long and successful reign and hope you will continue for many years to come."

He continued: "Please accept this small gift in the hope you may treat yourself to your favourite cup of tea or something else that you like on this momentous occasion.

"I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant."

And the queen's response written by her Lady-in-Waiting read: "Dear Mr Vaz, The Queen wishes me to thank you for your message in advance of the forthcoming splendid milestone in Her Majesty's reign.

"Although unable to reply to you personally, The Queen was most touched by your gift of fifty pounds.

"However as Her Majesty cannot accept presents of a financial nature I am returning the note to you with this letter and I am to tell you that you kind gesture is greatly appreciated."

Lady Elton added: "The Queen has been deeply moved by the affection and support shown to her throughout her Majesty's long reign and letters such as yours give The Queen much pleasure.

"Thank you, once again, for writing as you did.

"Yours sincerely, The Lady Elton, Lady-in-Waiting."

The minicab employee from Romford, Essex thinks the queen needs "more appreciation".

He told ITV news: "She has served our country so well all these years and given up her whole life. She deserves some appreciation."