Thomas Markle will not watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Netflix documentary.

Thomas Markle won't watch Harry and Meghan documentary

Thomas Markle won't watch Harry and Meghan documentary

Thomas, who is the estranged father of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has revealed that he has no plans to watch his daughter's docuseries about her life with her husband Prince Harry.

Thomas' daughter Samantha Markle - who is Meghan's half sister - told TMZ that she has warned her dad against watching the show.

She added that she doesn’t think he would want to watch it because the whole ordeal has been damaging to his health and he is still recovering from a stroke he had earlier this year.

In the documentary, Markle said she suspected her dad's phone was "compromised" in the days before her wedding.

The 41-year-old former actress opened up about her turbulent relationship with Thomas in the series, which features a text exchange in which Thomas tells his daughter that he was in hospital just five days before the wedding.

Meghan replied: "I've been reaching out to you all weekend but you're not taking any of our calls or replying to any texts...

"Do you need help?...What hospital are you at? (sic)"

Meghan sent another message after her dad failed to respond.

The former 'Suits' star - who has Archie, three, and Lilibet, 18 months, with Prince Harry - wrote: "Please please call us as soon as you can... all of this is incredibly concerning but your health is most important."

In a follow-up message, Meghan added: "Please can you send the hospital details as soon as possible so we know where you are."

Meghan and Harry tied the knot in Windsor, England, in May 2018.

But two days before their wedding, Meghan sent a message to her dad.

She wrote: "Please can I ask that you stop talking to any press... You haven't returned any of our 20+ calls since we spoke on Saturday morning; which only adds to the hurt you've been causing.

"We aren't angry but we do really need to speak to u. Love M and H. (sic)"

Meghan subsequently received a text back from her dad's phone - but she doubts that Thomas wrote the message.

The text read: "I've done nothing to hurt you Meghan or anyone else I know nothing about the 20 phone calls I'm sorry my heart attack is there any inconvenience for you. (sic)"

Meghan claimed that the message wasn't consistent with how her dad - who didn't attend her wedding - would write.

During an episode of 'Meghan and Harry', she explained: "It was really weird, you know how people text, right?

"My dad used a lot of emojis and a lot of ellipses, and this was just the opposite.

"And it called me Meghan, I was like he has never called me Meghan any day that I have lived on this planet.

"All my friends call me Meg and my parents call me Meg. And I was like, that's not my dad."

Meghan - who was ultimately walked down the aisle by King Charles, Harry's dad, on her wedding day - added: "We knew his phone had been compromised."

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