TikTok is considering allowing its creators charge a subscrption fee for their fans.

TikTok could introduce subscription fees

TikTok could introduce subscription fees

The video-sharing app - which currently uses a Creator Fund to pay those who post content that receives at least 100,000 views a month - but bosses are now saying that the "concept" of subscription fees is being discussed.

Spokesman Zachary Kizer told The Verge: "Subscriptions are a concept that have been in testing. We are always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience."

If TikTok - which since its launch in 2016 has seen surge in popularity, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns - follow through with the "concept", it will follow the creation of the "tipping" feature back in December 2021.

The company said: "TikTok Creator Next aims to help creators monetize as they grow and develop their communities on the platform. When you join TikTok Creator Next, you receive access to tools and features that allow you to turn their creativity and passions into something greater, whether that’s a side hustle or a business."

It mirrors the news social media company Instagram is also testing out a subscription services so that users with a large following can monetize their content.

The Meta-owned company said in a statement: "t Meta, we strongly believe in enabling creators to make a living through our platforms and have built a suite of tools to allow them to do that—helping them get support from their audience, partner with brands and earn money from advertising or bonuses directly from Instagram and Facebook.

We’re excited to introduce our newest monetization feature: Instagram Subscriptions.