Dom Joly

Dom Joly

Dom Joly is still uncovering Bordeaux, after giving you the ins and outs of what this beautiful wine region has to offer, he also looks into why, in addition to its vineyards, Bordeaux is such a great tourist attraction.

One of the main attractions of Bordeaux that has tourists flocking annually to enjoy, is the Medoc Marathon. But this is not just a normal Marathon, this is a race of pure enjoyment with a big twist.

Unlike a typical marathon where water is your principal thirst quencher, participants can sample a selection of Bordeaux wines during the 26 mile race. Obviously wine and running are not the typical combination but the red wine flows before, during and after in this once in a life time experience.

Oh, and let’s not forget the popular fancy dress theme that everybody seems to adopt.

On Dom’s recent journey to Bordeaux, he went along to see what all the fuss was about over this wine-fuelled marathon, joining the onlookers with a few words of support for the runners. Stay tuned in to make sure you do not miss any more of Dom’s videos that reveal what hidden gems this city has to offer.

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