What do you like to do most on holiday?

What do you like to do most on holiday?

New research, released to celebrate the 100th Virgin Holidays retail store opening in Sainsbury’s, Maidenhead, shows that despite the economic climate jet-setting Brits will still enjoy an average of two holidays every year and many will have 114 exotic holidays between the ages of 18-75.

The study of 2,000 Brits found that 228 books will be read, 456 ice-creams will be eaten and 2,394 alcoholic drinks will be sipped. Researchers also found that lucky Brits will enjoy one holiday romance, meet 228 new people and make 114 life-changing decisions. Whilst to remember their holidays, a staggering 13,566 photos will be taken over the course of a lifetime, and 1,482 minutes – the equivalent of more than a day – of video will be captured.

The research marks the opening of Virgin Holidays latest store, bringing the network of outlets, which includes its flagship on High Street Kensington and concessions in Debenhams, House of Fraser, Tesco and Sainsbury’s nationwide, up to the centurion mark.

Lee Haslet, Head of Retail for Virgin Holidays, said: "It’s clear to see that holidays can create memories that last a lifetime and with the launch of our 100th retail store there’s now even more opportunity to book and start creating them.

Holidays are the highlight of the year for most people – a time when you can really relax and forget about everything at home and work.

“When you’re on holiday, the number of drinks you have or the miles you have to travel to get there can seem like a fairly small amount. But when you think about how many times you go abroad in your life, it can mean you end up doing things a lot more than you think.

"Holidays are the highlight of the year for most people – a time when you can really relax and forget about everything at home and work. And few people get to spend days lounging by the pool or sipping a drink on the beach at any other time in their lives so it’s important to make the most of your time abroad," he added. 

The study revealed that the average Brit will travel just over 2,469 miles each time they go abroad. And with the average adult going on two foreign jaunts a year, that’s a total of around 4,938 or 281,466 miles over a lifetime.

After arriving at their resorts, Brits relax by the pool or on the beach for more than 19 hours on each break - a total of 2,166 hours or more than 90 days of their lifetime. They will also take 570 dips in the swimming pool or sea and take in the culture and local sites on 342 excursions or day trips.

And when it comes to food and drink, a lifetime of holidays will see Brits try 456 new foods or flavours and purchase 342 gifts and souvenirs to take back home with them. But it’s not all fun and games on holiday as researchers also found that the average Brit will lose their luggage at least once in their lifetime and suffer 57 illnesses or injuries.

The 100th Virgin Holidays retail store opens in Sainsbury’s, Maidenhead and the grand opening will take place on18th August. The holiday company is celebrating the centurion land mark by offering a £100 booking discount off all holidays and cruises exclusive to the Maidenhead store until Monday 20th August.

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