Whether it’s white, red, pink or sparkling, wine is an undeniably popular drink of choice for social events, pub dates or just a cozy night in front of the TV. Pairing wine with a holiday seems like a recipe for a great trip but with many now opting to visit the home of their tipple of choice, popular vineyard tour prices are rising and the tourist numbers of growing. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Topdeck to uncover the wineries off the beaten track to get your vino fix.


Traditionally known for its paradise beaches and laid-back culture, Hawaii is not the first destination which comes to mind when thinking of wine. Known to mix the traditional ingredients with tropical fruits like pineapple, the island offers a fresh alternative on wine-making. Hawaii has a small but quality selection of wineries and vineyards including Maui Wine located on the slopes of a dormant volcano in the pasture-filled town of Kula and Volcano Winery which mixes its recipes with yellow guava and Macadamia nut to create sweet and playful wines.

Explore these exotic wines in between chasing waterfalls and trekking rainforests with Topdeck’s Hawaii Highlights trip.


Those who veer away from Greece’s usual tourist tracks will be rewarded with a huge number of vineyard and winery options outside of the bustling cities. Additionally, popular destinations such as Santorini also offer sunset wine tasting experiences and tours of the island’s wine cellars, all complimented by delicious Greek tapas. The jaw-dropping views are enough to grab your attention, let alone the refreshing, peachy flavours which Greek wine offers.

Along with the rural adventures, make sure you take in the Insta-worthy city views of blue domed churches and black and red sand beaches with Topdeck’s Aegean Sunseeker trip.


Nature-filled Kenya offers much more than the bucket-list adventures of a safari and national reserve trek; along with its secret paradise beaches, and bustling cities, a hidden vineyard lurks just outside of the country’s capital, Nairobi. The Rift Valley winery is a fairly new concept to the country, with the first wine being created in 2002. However, the combination of good temperatures and volcanic soil means the location is perfect for the creation of classics such as Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. The Rift Valley winery, nestled amongst nature, also provides visitors with the opportunity to put their feet up with a refreshing glass of wine and view of Kenya’s countryside.

There’s so much to see in Kenya, try the Kenya and Tanzania Adventure trip to take in everything from village wanderings in the Maasai to the colourful shops and marketplaces of Nairobi.


Canada is slowly gaining recognition as a destination for dry (white?) wine with breath-taking vineyard spots such as Okanagan Valley which are still under the radar for international tourists. There are a range of wineries to visit from family-run boutique set-ups to large manufacturing brand vineyards, often overlooking the Canadian mountain ranges and lake views.

Try Topdeck’s West Coast Cruiser trip which stops off in the Okanagan Valley where you might even be lucky enough to catch a grape stomping party in action!


Surprisingly, China is now one of the world’s biggest exporters of wine, with rural areas such as Shandong and Hebei offering acres of vineyards. The country is still little known for wine tourism making it a hidden gem for vino-lovers who can enjoy buggy-driven tours of the wine parks scattered throughout the country and partake in wine-filled banquets built upon Chinese wineries.

Diverse landscapes and bustling city life make China a destination filled with lots of different options to suit all tastes. Don’t forget to visit the Great Wall of China and gorge on street eats with Topdeck’s China Live trip.

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