On the phone at work

On the phone at work

As you sit in your office dreaming about a potential holiday, the temptation becomes too great not to have a cheeky look on your phone for anything to tempt you on a boring Monday morning.

Hotels.com found that over a quarter of Brits are booking holidays on their phones during work hours (26%). The stats took 2,000 British workers and found that the directors and junior managers are the worst offenders.  34% of directors were booking their holidays while at work and 34% of junior directors were also making arrangements during office hours.


52% of participants admitted to using their phone in front of their boss claiming that it was for work purposes, 18% of women had claimed to be sending work emails via their phone while they were actually sending personal messages to friends and partners, whereas only 13% of men are guilty of this.


12% have actually revealed that they pretend they were working then they were booking a holiday and 9% were also planning nights out. Men are better at covering their corner when it comes to using their phones in work time as 17% use their business phones to conceal that they are arranging holidays and social commitments, compared to 9% of women.


Hotels.com revealed that there is a surge in the figures of hotel searches between 3 and 5 pm with a 19% increase between 3and 4pm last year alone.


Laura Watts from Hotels.com commented:


“Our phones are an extension of our lives, whether we’re checking social media, making calls, taking photos or managing our lives through a plethora of apps. We’re no longer confined to our PCs or laptops, so every minute of the day can now be used for life admin or responding to urgent work emails. Even though it’s against ‘meeting etiquette’ it has become more acceptable to check phones on a regular basis, whether that’s in a meeting or at your desk. So next time you see someone on their phone in a meeting don’t be fooled – while they could be responding to an important e-mail, they may just be planning their next getaway.”


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