Teddy bears are most popular

Teddy bears are most popular

Parents will take any measures to ensure that their children are kept entertained during long car journeys this summer.  


Net Voucher Codes asked 500 mums what tools they have used to keep the back seat riders quiet in the car.


96% of mums were unanimous in saying that their child’s favourite teddy bear had come top of the pile, which also included a comforter. When it came to older children, gadgets such as I pads and games consoles were highly rated, with a huge 82% of Mums offering this to their children in exchange for a bit of peace.


71% of Mums revealed that they used food and drink as a bribe with their children in order to keep them quiet.


6% of Mums were prepared, saying that despite their age they still carried around baby wipes, so they were packed to face any spillages or dirty marks on their travels.


The games specifically tailored for car journeys such as Connect 4 and Guess Who have had their day it seems as only one per cent of Mums said that they used them.


 One mum said:


“When I was young, things like board games would always keep us entertained; we’d play them all the time, particularly on car journeys.


“Now that interactive games and iPads exist, board games just don’t stimulate children anymore, they think they’re boring and it’s hard to constantly keep young children occupied, especially on a long journey.


“As a single mother, I have to concentrate on driving so there is nobody else there to occupy my son a lot of the time. The easiest thing to do is give him my iPad, that keeps him entertained for hours.”


Another respondent said:


“I always find that giving my young daughter her favourite teddies and a packet of crisps keeps her happy for hours on end. Maybe it’s a girl thing but I don’t get many ‘are we there yet?’ questions or ‘I’m bored’ complaints.”


A spokesperson at Net Voucher Codes commented:


“Children can often get bored on long journeys so it’s important to pack exactly the right items. I’m not surprised that gadgets and iPads came out as popular choices, technology is definitely a vital part of our lives now and it seems even the kids are catching on.”


Full list of results


Favourite teddy bear / comforter - 96%

Gadgets e.g.: iPad - 82%

CD’s / iPod - 74%

Food and drink - 71%

Wipes - 66%

Favourite toy - 52%

Books - 43%

Pillow and blanket - 26%

Colouring book & crayons - 15%

Travel games - e.g.: travel sized Connect4 / Guess Who - 1%



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