Image Credit Asad Maldives-3155666 pexels
Image Credit Asad Maldives-3155666 pexels

1.   Plan ahead

Travelling is one of the greatest joys in life. Exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and learning about the rest of the world is an experience that nothing else can replace. What is better than getting to travel? Travelling like a celebrity. Celebrities travel in the lap of luxury whenever they leave home. They drive the most beautiful cars or have a chauffeur drive for them; they look good no matter what time of the day or night it is or how long a flight they’ve had, and they experience the best that every destination has to offer.

Travelling like a celebrity might sound like a pipe dream, but there are many ways to get that celebrity travel lifestyle for yourself without the price a star has to pay. Booking your private jet charter, choosing travel looks, and finding stunning, Instagram-worthy spots to stay in might sound like a lot to handle, but if you want to travel like a celeb, you’ve got to balance it all. Lucky for you, we have tips and tricks that will make your celebrity travel dreams come true. Let us find out how to make your travel experience a top-tier experience.

If you want to get the experience of a celebrity vacation, you will have to do a little more planning than they do. Planning ahead and booking early for your vacations means you will have access to more affordable rates, especially if your vacation is going to be over a peak travel period like the Christmas holidays. Planning early means:

  • Access to travel deals like tour specials, excellent private flight options, and well-priced hotel rooms.
  • Time to look for the best places to go and the best sights to see without feeling rushed.
  • Time to save up for the experience of a lifetime.

The more planning goes into a vacation ahead of time, the more relaxation you will experience when the time comes to travel.

2.   Plan for the travel, not just the destinations

The actual travel part – flights, car rides, boat trips – can sometimes be a forgotten and neglected aspect of your journey. Remember that the hours and hours you will spend in the sky, in cars or boats, are a part of your trip and should be as luxurious and enjoyable as possible!

First off: flights. Booking a private flight makes the longest legs of your journey a part of the experience rather than just a means to an end! You can relax and prepare for your destination's excitement rather than being cramped and uncomfortable beside a stranger. Secondly: car services, cabs, and ride-hailing. You should check out all the options before you reach your destination. Suppose you will be doing a lot of travel around a specific area in one day. In that case, hiring one car service (which will add to the celebrity experience) may be more practical and cost-effective rather than hailing cabs and Ubers after each stop.

Image credit Redrecords ©️ pexels
Image credit Redrecords ©️ pexels

3.   Pack well

Celebrities likely have people to pack for them, and they can afford to carry as much luggage as they want whenever and wherever. Though four bags might work for a 2-day celebrity trip, the rest of us need to be more practical to maximise our vacation looks.

Try on all your outfits before packing and take photos to store on your phone for inspiration. This means you’ll always have a perfectly put-together outfit and a backup plan to cover changing moods or scary spills on your original outfit. Planning outfits like this also means you can pack items that match well with all the other items and maximise your space while minimising overpacking. Celebs always look fabulous when they travel because they have glam teams and stylists on call; you can be your own stylist and glam team if you pack well!

Plan a “travel” outfit for the plane because you know you will take many Instagram photos on the flight and want to arrive looking celebrity-level cute. Go for comfortable but not sloppy: a chic pair of fitted sweats and Uggs or well-kept white sneakers with a simple tank for warm weather or a long-sleeved tee and coat for cold weather.

Image Credit Taryn Elliott via Pexels
Image Credit Taryn Elliott via Pexels

4.   Experiences over accommodation

If you’re travelling, you’re likely to spend less time in your hotel or Airbnb room than you are out and about exploring and enjoying your destination. Your accommodation should be safe, comfortable, and welcoming, but spending your budget on a five-star room will take a chunk of your experience. Since travel is your experience and what you see when you are out there, it is better to plan for these excursions and experiences rather than a fancy room. Celebs get to experience the best of everywhere they go, and so should you! See beautiful landmarks, experience new cultures, try new cuisines, and then come home to a simple but ample room.

Travelling like a celebrity can be achieved if you’re careful about your preparations. Start early, and by the time you’re ready to travel, you will have a celebrity-level trip waiting for you.

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