Travelling is all about taking in the culture and traditions that arrive alongside fresh scenery. Regarding sports tourism, visiting the most iconic venues worldwide is as great as it gets. 

Sports like football, tennis and golf are most popular in the United Kingdom, with notable venues like Anfield Stadium and Wimbledon frequently visited by large numbers of avid fans. But obscure sports like greyhound racing also have deep historical roots in British sporting, so what are the greatest tracks across the nation where fans can experience this in the flesh? 

Towcester Greyhound Stadium

Towcester Greyhound Stadium is a purpose-built arena that has been renovated to move beyond its horse racing days of the past.

The stadium was famously one of the most picturesque horse racing venues in the 20th century, and it has maintained that following a £1.5 million investment to help it move to the forefront of the dog racing world. 

Towcester has been the home of the English Greyhound Derby since 2021, after a brief stint of hosting between 2017 and 2018. It will again host the sport's landmark English event in 2024. In greyhound racing betting, Links Maverick is the 16/1 favourite to emerge as the winner against the backdrop of stunning Northamptonshire countryside.

The Derby's host venue has been transformed in the past couple of decades, shifting from being one of horse racing's most prominent locations to one of the most important settings for greyhound racing. Surrounded by scenic views, it is one of the most beautiful areas to take in the sport across the planet. 

Romford Greyhound Stadium

The capital is also home to one of the most impressive stadiums that hosts greyhound racing. Romford Greyhound Stadium is a historical hotspot in British racing, having offered tickets to the action since 1929. 

It is one of only two stadiums in the London area and is by far the most important in regards to the professional sport. The Romford Stadium can accomodate 1,700 spectators from its viewing stands and more than 4,000 overall. 

Fans can catch the action at the London location five days a week, and six individual events are on display in each seven-day period, making Romford one of the most active tracks across the UK.

In terms of its most prestigious annual events, Romford hosts huge competitions, including the resurrected Champion Stakes following Wimbledon Stadium's discontinuation of the yearly contest in 1973. It is also the current home of the Cesarewitch, one of the most iconic events in the sport, having  taken place in a number of locations since 1928. 

When it comes to modern greyhound racing, these two stadiums are undoubtedly the greatest to visit. While Towcester offers a contemporary purpose-built venue surrounded by an environment that depicts perfection, Romford is one of the most iconic greyhound racing locations in history. Many stadiums of a similar age have been closed or demolished, but the London location is one of the oldest of its kind that is still hugely prominent on the racing calendar. 

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