Kids by the pool

Kids by the pool

Most if not all children are looking forward to upcoming school holidays, however,  60% of people would pay more to avoid the kids this summer, according to Skyscanner.


The survey looked at 1,000 Brits and found that one in three enjoy a holiday without kids and would be prepared to pay £50 more per person to avoid any contact with children on their holiday. 14% would pay £100 more per person to ensure their holiday will not be interrupted by kids.  


71 have taken precautions in order to avoid contact with children on holiday. One in three  (28%) have located hotels that do not cater for kids, such as kids clubs and child pools. 49% are adamant that they would not travel during the six weeks holidays, while 3% have actually move hotels or resorts to avoid the noise and interruption.


18% decided to travel further away than they had originally anticipated guaranteeing a kid free stay.


Skyscanner has revealed that locations that are closer and and can still offer a child free zone like Croatia, which is hotly tipped to be the next major hot spot for British tourists and has the highest percentage of adult only flight searches, while the Nordics countries provide a very different summer holiday. Looking beyond Europe, long haul destinations such as China, Thailand and Australia also have lower percentages of family flight searches.


Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie comments: “We were surprised to see how many holidaymakers prioritise resorts away from children when it comes to their ideal summer holiday. Many are even willing to pay extra to visit more adult-focused destinations. Our flight search data suggests that for those wanting to get away during the school summer holidays and looking for destinations least likely to attract families, heading to up and coming destinations such as Croatia or jetting off long haul could be the answer.”


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