Until very recently I have always been a girl that would desperately seek the sun sea and sand when given the opportunity to ‘escape’ but having been introduced the wonderful whim of pure white winters , my heart has more often been swayed by a visit to the slopes when it comes to ‘holidaying’ at this time of the year.

So last week I jumped on a plane to France for my now, annual ski trip. I travelled to the small and familiar town of Meribel which makes up for one third of the largest ski resort in Europe, the famous three valleys. I spent three days clicked into my ski boots, racing down the mountains in the morning and dancing to live music with a vin chaud in the afternoons and it was marvellous.

I was introduced to skiing as an adult, learning in fact, at the grand ole’ age of 30! Though learning a new skill and sport as an adult will always have additional challenges I will always be grateful I took the time to learn. It can be quite daunting booking a ski trip, especially for the first time as there’s so much to consider and plan. To make my own trips easier I have always preferred travelling with a travel agency that arrange the trip pretty much door to door for you. This particular holiday was no exception, I travelled with ski total who arranged my flights, transfers, accommodation, ski hire, breakfast and dinners with wine inclusively within the booking fee. It was such an easy all-inclusive process that allowed me to just concentrate on the fun and adventurous aspects of the escape.

Meribel was for me, the perfect place to travel to when it came to getting the most out of a ski trip. I was at beginner level when I travelled out and thanks to the long list of novice-friendly green runs I felt as though I left the resort an intermediate skier. There is, however, excitement for all in the three valleys when it comes to experience levels, with more slopes and difficulty levels in one place than anywhere else in Europe.

When it comes to the full circle piste experience Meribel is a frosty destination that’s also world famous for the apres-ski. Folli Douce steals the show when it comes to flamboyancy and an electric atmosphere with bottles being served via trapezes and a full dance troupe setting the tone for an epic party. As soon as the doors open up the vibe reaches 100%, the tables provided don’t last long to rest your drink upon, they fast become the dancefloor! There’s also Ronde Point which has a similar lively atmosphere though a little less of a showcase, it hosts a live band most afternoons and is always full to the brim of like-minded winter sports enthusiasts that are there for a good time.

I knew I had fallen in love with skiing when I first took to the powder last year but having returned and spent even more time on the slopes I am now a full convert! Who’d have thunk, after years of beachy escapes I’d be happy to trade down in degrees rather than up!

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host and Travel Expert. Read More from her travels at www.clutchandcarryon.com and follow her on Instagram @sabrina_chakici

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