Spa experiences can vary, and not all of them are worth the price. This cannot be said for the Titanic Spa, however, as its welcoming and refreshing atmosphere made it an ideal place to relax.

Picture Credit: Melissa Allen

Picture Credit: Melissa Allen

Founded in 2005, the Titanic Spa is located in Huddersfield, and is embedded within the beautiful hills of the Pennines. The Spa and its guest rooms are hosted within a 20th century textile mill, which blends with the surroundings giving it a natural feel.

First impressions

When I walked into this large, profound building, I was immediately impressed with how beautiful it was. The grey tones used throughout was a perfect choice, as it gave a calm and relaxing feel to the hotel.

Once my guest and I approached the reception desk, we felt instantly welcomed and looked after. The staff were beyond friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in our day and making sure we were catered to.

We were given our schedules, told the rules of the Spa (no phones in certain areas, when the pool and restaurant closed, and so on), and were given a short tour of the space.

Picture Credit: Melissa Allen
Picture Credit: Melissa Allen

We knew exactly where to go and what was available to us from the minute we walked in, showing that the staff are experts and know how to create a welcoming atmosphere from the start.

The staff

In many places, staff members simply do their jobs and what is expected of them, but not at Titanic Spa. Every single staff member I encountered was friendly, jolly, and full of energy which put a huge smile on our faces.

Not only were the staff at reception friendly, but so was every other person working there. Not once did we feel unwelcome; this feeling was spread through the hotel like butter, and everyone seemed to enjoy their jobs.

Staff go above and beyond here; if you have a concern or query, they will do their best to help you (and succeed every time), they will take gracious care of your items before check-in time (which is at 2pm), and will engage in delightful conversation about your time at the Spa.

It is safe to say the staff were perfect.

The room

Entering our room was a pleasant surprise to say the least; it was immaculate. The grey theme was still present, in keeping with the rest of the Spa. It was an apartment that you could happily live in for the duration of your stay.

There was an oven, kettle and toaster, and a charming breakfast basket consisting of two croissants, four relaxing tea bags, two jams, two luxury hot chocolate packets, two packs of biscuits, and four servings of cereals.

The beds were immensely comfy, and with the upstairs bedroom hanging over the living room almost like a balcony, we could see out into the wilderness from the large windows. Having a balcony was lovely, as we could open the door and receive some crisp, fresh air.

Picture Credit: Melissa Allen
Picture Credit: Melissa Allen

The kitchen was spacious, and even included some fresh orange juice. The room had such a welcoming and home-like feel, which made us feel relaxed the entire duration of our stay.


The Spa offers a wide range of paid treatments to its guests, from Pregnancy Treatments, Men’s Treatments, Hand and Foot Treatments, and Massages.

The Heat and Ice Experience is open to all guests it seemed, and despite me not being able to fully experience this as I could not obtain a bathing suit prior to my visit, I still had a wander around the room.

It was essentially a large sauna, with separate rooms within and a small pool, which I assumed to be the ‘Ice’ part. There were a few guests in the room, and each person had a smile on their face, enjoying the relaxing heat and the hot, steamy experience.

I booked a 55-minute ‘Titanic Organic NEOM Full Body Massage’ (priced at £89). I was treated by Natalie, one of the loveliest members of staff I met. She explained how the session would work, and what she would be doing.

The massage itself can only be described as heavenly; Natalie checked how her pressure was, and reduced it once I told her it was a little heavy. Some guests love a heavy massage, but that wasn’t for me, and I appreciated how Natalie adjusted the session in order for me relax and get more from my treatment.

She used a calming oil which had relaxation benefits, as well as 100% organic fragrances and ingredients. I absolutely loved my treatment, and I cannot praise Natalie enough for her professionalism, skills, and genuinely lovely personality.


While the atmosphere, staff and even other guests were lovely, the food was the only area that could have been improved upon.

Lunch was perfect, however. I had a prawn linguine and it was excellent; a well-portioned plate of pasta and seafood, along with some tomatoes and a delicious sauce. It was one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten.

Picture Credit: Melissa Allen
Picture Credit: Melissa Allen

Our snack of ciabatta and hummus was also amazing; the dip was creamy and perfectly spiced with chilli oil and red pepper flakes, and made for a great mini-meal to hold us over until dinner at 8:30pm.

Breakfast was decent; my eggs benedict was unevenly cooked however, as only one egg was runny. The chef didn’t seem too happy when we placed our order, either.

However, my guest loved both her evening meal of soup and tortellini, and her breakfast pancakes were perfectly made.

The staff were, as usual, joyful and happy as they took our order and provided us with anything we needed.

Overall review

All in all, the Titanic Spa is an idyllic place to go for a relaxing weekend, or even just a day visit. We felt looked after and welcome from when we entered to when we left, and I cannot praise the staff enough for their kindness and attentiveness.

The Spa is secluded, allowing guests to really sink into the feeling of having nothing to do apart from eat, drink, enjoy the large pool, sauna, and relaxation room, and any treatments they may have booked.

The hotel caters to everyone, as I saw mothers and daughters, couples, friends, and elderly guests all enjoying the calm and peaceful retreat.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Titanic Spa; whether you come for a day or two, a weekend, or even a whole week, the staff are on hand every hour and make sure you know the rules so you don’t disrupt other guests, so everyone can get the most out of their stay.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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