I have to confess, we had never set foot inside of CBeebies Land before Thursday as we don’t have children, so we generally make our way to the back of the park when we arrive.

The Furchester Hotel Live Show

The Furchester Hotel Live Show

This however gave us a chance to see just what there is to offer for younger children visiting with their mums and dads.

CBeebies Land is a collection of rides, interactive experiences, shops and shows- one of which we were invited to watch. We didn’t have to wait long for The Furchester Hotel Live Show as they are on fairly regularly throughout the day.

The dark lobby offered some relief away from the sunshine where you could sit on the floor or stand to watch the entertainment.

The Furchester Hotel is preparing for the arrival of Chick Swagger so all the staff need the help of the kids to get it ready and they were more than willing to chip in.

The show has many things to get the kids involved- they can sing and dance along with the characters to the ‘rock-a-doodle-do’ hit and the ‘Tail Feather Shake’. The children are asked to find the cookies that the Cookie Monster has left around the hotel for safe keeping so they have something to offer their special guest.  And of course, you can watch the interplay between the porter, Phoebe, Funella and Furgus as well as the Cookie Monster and Elmo who each make a guest appearance.

The joy for me was watching how the children responded to the entertainment. They all seemed to love the responsibility of helping out the characters and were more than happy to join in with the songs- actions and all.

The staff member who was playing the porter was very enthusiastic and was a great sport alongside the puppets.

The show gives the kids a chance to have some fun while mums and dads can have a well needed sit down. From what I could see it was a resounding success with the little ones.  

Through the exit is the Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride where the kids can join Kyan, Xuli, Lars and Foz on a global adventure. Each Vroomster has a control so the young riders can decide if they want to fly close to the ground or send it up high in the sky in their quest to find Grandmaster Glitch.

The children clearly loved that they could guide their own Vroomster up and down as they pleased and it had room for parents too so mums and dads could ride with their kids if they wanted to.

The review certainly opened my eyes to the wide age range the park caters for. Ideal for parents who have children with a big age gap- there is something for all members of the family.  There is plenty of variety and different stimuli in CBeebies Land to keep younger children occupied for the day. We may not be parents yet, but seeing how happy the kids were, was testament enough for me that Alton Towers is doing something right. 

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