Just at the time of year when we most need a warm and idyllic escape, allow me to introduce you to my own personal haven, the one resort in the world keeps me returning year after year, Conrad Maldives Ranhali island. 

Sabrina Chakici at the Conrad Maldives

Sabrina Chakici at the Conrad Maldives

The Maldives has long been known as one of the most romantic and picturesque destinations on earth and no matter which island you chose to book for your holiday you’re able to enjoy the mesmerising blues of the sea and skies, the beautiful white sandy beaches and the vibrant under-water world. Having visited more than one resort in the stunning collection of islands I’m personally of the opinion that your choice of hotel really does have a huge impact on your entire stay. Even though the Indian Ocean can be well admired and enjoyed from every island, when choosing to stay at Conrad Maldives it’s like ordering your favourite ice cream sundae; the desert itself is incredible but the cherry, sprinkles and sauce on top are what really seal the deal!

The award winning luxury resort is split between two private islands offering guests the option to explore both and enjoy the two unique characteristics of each, one is more activity and family focused and the other is strictly for adults with a relaxed and mature approach to island living. 

Rather uniquely to the Maldives the hotel boasts 15 restaurants and bars, 2 large pools with ocean views, countless water activities and sports, a bountiful house reef with colourful marine life to spy on, an outdoor yoga pavilion and 2 stunning over-water spas. Then there’s the option to book day and evening excursions by adventuring out to sea in search of some of the incredible marine mammals that love to greet visitors. You can spot dolphins daily and if you are lucky enough even glide side by side a pod of pilot whales.

If relaxation is higher on your list than exploring then keep calm in the utopia of your very own water villa and take in the stunning scenery that surrounds you. The Maldives is the perfect place to holiday if your main desire is to switch off and enjoy the tranquility of being in the middle of nowhere whilst sampling all of life’s luxuries at the raise of a hand. The service at Conrad is so perfect it feels staged, you’ll never see a member of staff without a smile on their face and the warm, positive vibes are quite simply contagious!

I have now travelled to The Conrad Maldives three times and I already have plans to return this year. There is something about the Maldives that no other location in the world has quite matched for me. The idea of a truly relaxing holiday where your days can be as calm or action-packed as you like is so appealing and the picture perfect moments available at every single footstep really do take your breath away! 

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Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Expert, Follow her on Instagram @sabrina_chakici

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