The month of May has always been my favorite to travel to Greece. The weather is warming up nicely, often lingering around the mid-twenties and apart from a few light showers, the sky is a distinctively gorgeous blue that looks so stunning against the crisp contrast of Greece’s famously fresh white architecture.

Sabrina in Crete

Sabrina in Crete

In the last two weeks I was lucky enough to travel to Greece on two separate occasions, traveling twice to Greece’s largest and most populous island of Crete.

Daios Cove

My first week was spent with a group of fabulous fellow travel journalists at the truly spectacular Daios Cove, a 5 star luxury resort based in the trendy town of Agios Nikolaos.

Built on an elevation within a pretty and secluded private cove the view from absolutely everywhere within the resort is breathtaking. The hotel has access to a private sandy beach and is home to a seriously instagrammable infinity pool overlooking the cove.

As well as the main pool the hotel boasts over 129 salt water swimming pools and my room was one of the many to feature one of it’s very own. My particular pool faced outwards towards a stunning view of the Agean Sea, which I enjoyed daily whilst tucking into a delicious breakfast. Fresh pastries, eggs to my order and an amazing view, mornings spent at Daios Cove were my kind of mornings ;) 

Minos Beach Art Hotel

My second stay in Crete was a far more personal affair, I travelled out to celebrate and be a part of my beautiful big sister’s wedding. A week and more importantly day, to remember forever!

My gorgeous sis chose the extremely elegant and alluringly tranquil Minos Beach Art Hotel for her big day and it was the perfect choice for an imitate outdoor wedding.

Also based in Agios Nikolaos, Mino Beach Art hotel has a really unique and secluded lay-out with rooms stretching around the rocky coastline ensuring that all levels of accommodation allow guests to enjoy a glimpse of the crystal clear and dreamily turquoise sea from their very own sea-front patio.

I stayed in a beachfront room with a private pool so I had the choice of jumping in fresh or salt water for a daily dip. The view from my room was so ridiculously gorgeous that I spent most of my pre-wedding days ordering the hotel’s delicious greek salad via room service, with a view like mine there was little motivation to explore! When I did venture out of the room though it was amazing to see so much marine life from my patio into the sea, the water bordering the hotel was crystal clear and I was even able to spot Red Starfish from simply peering over the edge!

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