What do you take?

What do you take?

www.Schofields.ltd.uk looked into what Brits smuggle in their suitcase when they go on holiday and its seems that the things we can’t live without are our firm edible British favourites!

Baked beans- Sometimes the foods abroad are too rich, too big or simply unrecognizable- and it’s nice to sit down to a simple meal that fulfils all of our expectations!


Chocolate- Sorry to the guys across the pond- but there is nowhere that does chocolate like we do. We might moan about the weather but at least it prevents all those extra chemicals having to be pumped into this delicious treat to keep them from melting.


Bacon- Everywhere else it’s too crispy, or too thin, or too fatty- we seem to get it just right here in the UK. If you are having a cooked breakfast every morning, unlike when you are at home- it’s a sin not to have bacon the way you like it on your plate!


Sweets- Again sweets taste different abroad- none of the ‘ye olde fashioned’ sweet shops that we are used to over here for a bag of rosey apples or pear drops, nope it’s jellies all around!


Condiments- My personal favourite is tomato ketchup- it’s never the same elsewhere and if you have it on everything like me- you miss it if it’s not there!


Biscuits- If you are partial to a biscuit with your tea it’s nice to know that you have got the ones you like. The freebies in hotels are often cheap and cheerful but not worthy of dunking.


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