Why can't they agree?

Why can't they agree?

It seems that men are really form Mars and women are from Venus when it comes to their holiday choices, with neither sex picking the same dream destination for their yearly getaway, according to Holiday Hypermarket. We find out why there are some discepancies between the sexes!

Top five destinations for men


Men prefer a European destination as they are only comfortable flying for four hours or less. 


Men prefer a holiday that lasts for 10 days rather than a full two weeks, as most consider this to be too long. 

Canary Islands

Many men are home birds and like to stay close by in case they have to get back in a hurry. 



Top five destinations for women


Women are the exact opposite, when it comes to plane time, opting for a flight for up to 12 hours in order to reach their dream holiday destination. 


Women like to stretch out their holidays to two weeks so they can take longer off work......


They have guranteed sunshine.....


Local shopping bargains......


And to visit places they have never been to before because they were recommended by a friend or family member.

Kay Dixon from Holiday Hypermarket said: “Long haul holidays are becoming increasingly popular and our latest research has confirmed what our own data shows – that women are booking the holidays and the dominant decision maker.  It’s interesting that women in both couples and families want to go further afield as women’s sense of adventure grows.”

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