Turkey is an amazing country, with many breathtaking sites, that should be on anyone’s traveling wish list. The diverse cuisine, interesting art, history, and traditions bring annually more and more tourists that want to experience the spiritual treasures that this country has to offer. Check this list of tips and useful information to help you have your dream trip while traveling to Turkey.

Are you heading off to Turkey?

Are you heading off to Turkey?

1. Documents

First of all, remember that you need to have a passport in order to travel to Turkey. Make sure you do not forget it at home because the authorities there are very strict about having all the documents required, and surely you would not like to take a turn around back home. Secondly, there is no need to make a Schengen visa appointment since Turkey is not part of the Schengen Zone, however, you will have to apply for an electronic visa that can be obtained online, after you pay the visa fees and fill in all the necessary information concerning your identity, passport details, travel dates.

2. Respect the customs

Turkey is a religious country, we all know that. It is true that some customs and traditions are in the past in the metropolitan areas. However, if you know you are going to visit rural areas or a mosque, make sure you show respect and have proper dress etiquette and do not do things that will be against their beliefs. Also, do not forget to take your shoes off while visiting a mosque before you enter the building, and cover your head if you are a woman. You might not understand the customs but you should not be disrespectful to those who adhere by them.

3. Bargain

If you go to the Bazaar and think about paying the amount of money just as you see it on the price tag Turkish people will not let you do it. The tradition is to try to get the smallest price possible. Some sellers actually feel offended if you do not give them the chance to prove their bartering skills.

4. The food experiences

Turkish food is very famous thanks to its diversity and amazing taste. Other than the doner kebab that you can find very easily at every corner of the street, if you really want to have the local experience then you should know that Turkish people value the breakfast the most; it is always a long one with many food flavours and traditional tea and coffee.

5. Turkey is not just Istanbul

You should surely want to visit more than just the most famous place in Turkey; Istanbul is an amazing city, but the real local experience you can only find in the countryside with simple people that are very kind hearted and open to teaching tourists about their culture.

6. Learn few Turkish words

Turkish people are very welcoming, but also very proud of their country and culture, and whenever a stranger shows interest in it they get really excited and become more than friendly. It is, after all, a sign of respect for the country you are visiting. A few basic Turkish words will open many doors and will help you get to know the locals really well.

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