‘Petiquette’ Travel Tips For Dogs

‘Petiquette’ Travel Tips For Dogs

The ‘ruff’ guide to good etiquette when travelling with the humans, the do’s and don’ts when staying in Hotels, B&B’s and Holiday Homes.

Are you joining the humans on their holidays this year?

Make sure to follow these simple ‘Petiquette’ tips and you’ll be the paw-fect travelling companion.

- Not everyone wants to hear your life story, especially when your human uses cute pet names. Make all introductions swift and friendly.

- As tempting and refreshing as it looks, the swimming pool is not for you.

- Love trips to the beach, digging up sand and swimming in the sea…that’s great but don’t then use hotel towels to dry off.

Fido’s Five Commandments

SIT - but not on the bed, sofa or armchairs in the room.  Best to bring your own favourite blanket or bed with you.

FETCH - your own stick or ball NOT a passing rabbit, squirrel or other wildlife, and certainly not another dog’s toy.

HEEL - It does NOT mean attack the Jimmy Choo’s posing on a bar stool, it really means come back when you are called.  Don’t frighten the natives, accost small children, cock a leg on the chaise lounge or savage the owner’s cat (as tempting as it is). 

EAT - only what is in your own bowl. Make sure your human has a good supply of your favourite food before setting off. It may be OK at home to eat tit-bits but not on holiday, the ‘hoover’ look is not a good one.

Certainly don’t try your luck with that juicy fillet steak on the table…it will only end in a telling off!

DOWN - stay off the furniture in public rooms, and don’t get too excited by meeting new humans (they may not like dogs…I know, bizarre but true!).

p.s Muddy paws are a definite no no…you know that!

More families are now taking their pet dog on holiday with them

Paws for Thought

When booking a room - remind your human you need a room on the ground floor preferably with French windows or a door into the garden. Makes life easier, rather than having to traipse through the hotel whenever a comfort break is required. Many country house hotels now have cottages/converted stables in the grounds and these too are very dog friendly.

Size does matter - if you are a Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound or English sheepdog best ask the human to book a holiday home rather than hotel. It’s rather difficult to stretch all four arms and legs without being a tad anti-social in hotels and a little intimidating even if you do have the personality of fluffy Chihuahua.

Know your place and keep out of the dining room - in many hotels we are welcome throughout...but in some, because other guests object, we are not allowed where food is served…it’s understandable our hairs do get everywhere.

Lonesome pines - if you get lonely or scared in strange places and miss your human, even if they have only gone for breakfast or dinner, try not to be vocal about it…no one likes a yappy pup! However one solution is to sit in the bathroom with your favourite toy or in the car because you may be more used to this space?

Bags of bags are a must - Make sure your human is well stocked with poo bags and ALWAYS make do-do’s well away from the front lawn, the prize winning rose garden or the children’s playground and don’t forget to give your human a quick nudge if an accident does occur in the room so that it can be cleared, cleaned and covered by departure time.

Outdoor holidays are best for dogs

Essential Checklist

Make sure your human doesn’t forget to pack the following:

- Treats to reward my excellent behaviour

- Comfy bed

- Water, food and an on-the-go bowl

- Soggy from the beach? - dog towel

- Doggy sunscreen spray

- Poo bags

- My usual tasty food

- Dog car harness

- Anxiety travel spray

- Favourite toys, for both indoor and outdoor amusement

If travelling abroad:

- Dog wormer

- Flea treatment

- Visit www.DEFRA.com for more info on vaccinations, micro-chipping etc.

- Pet first aid kit (you never know what might happen!)

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