It’s the start of a new decade, the perfect time to step back and consider what you want out of things and to assess what to change to give you a more fulfilling life an where better to start than with your leisure time and importantly holidays. Now is the time to ask the question, are they reinvigorating you and providing mindfulness or not.

Reinvigorate the soul

Reinvigorate the soul

With this in mind here are a few thoughts to set you on your way.

Plan to escape the everyday by beating the humdrum of day in day out same old, step off the treadmill and try something completely different, say a stunning experience in an exotic location, which you can use to reinvigorate both mind and soul.

Walk Icelands ice caps
Walk Icelands ice caps

Try thinking — jungles, deserts, ice caps. — delve into the complete opposite of your everyday environment because this sort of situation will allow you to focus on something that is so completely different, it can become a life-changing experience.

What about spending time at a Orangutan sanctuary in Malaysia or Indonesia, or try trekking the Andes or walk the snow caps of Iceland.

Don’t worry about getting lost, (we are talking metaphorically here), because by losing yourself you will find yourself. Consider how to reconnect and interact with ‘YOU’.

Take a life-changing spiritual retreat to escape the everyday and embark on an experience that will empower you.

Spiritual destinations, such as Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Dead Sea in Israel, or stay closer to home consider Lourdes in France or even Stonehenge, all will provide the perfect environment to get lost in for mind and spirit renewal.

Reconnect with nature, nothing can beat a back to basics break to find the key to retuning both mind and body. Nature can that source to place yourself back in the centre of your own life by tending to your mind, body, and spirit.

Many destinations are eco-minded to make sure you do so responsibly whether its diving, snorkelling, or trekking a rainforest, riding a donkey over a mountain pass, or swimming in a secluded lake these simple options are endless.

Capri in Italy and Cavtat in Croatia are two stunning European nature destinations, while further afield   Soneva Kiri – Thailand.

Our sense of smell when closely linked with memory, has the power to take us to happy moments from our past lives. Olfactory system nerves directly connect to our limbic systems, changing brain chemistry and inciting relaxation and sensory memories.

If a sensory break appeals try the healing and calming scent of Lavender, which is proven to have calming effects. Visit the lavender fields of Jersey, right at the heart of a charming village farm. Explore, breath in the calming scent, take a stroll through the surrounding countryside and be mesmerised by the purple fields – so simple yet so effective.

Not everyone’s friends will share the same taste in wellness breaks, not everyone wants the same destination at the same time for the same reasons but not to worry you can plan a go it alone holiday.

Solo travel can be the option to escape everything - so, recharge, seek inspiration, educate or plain and simple just escape on your own.

The advantages of going solo are, you will mix in with the locals, make a new friend on your journey and in the process give you a totally new perspective on life. So plan a journey to excite, that lets you engage, and gives opportunities to make new likeminded friends.

On a solo holiday remember what to take into account, plan your schedule and tap into all resources before embarking, this will allow you to avoid any unwanted surprises and get your adventure to deliver everything you want and need.

Finally, when planning your wellness holiday think ‘new passions’, think out of the ordinary what will motivate you as you seek to expand your horizons - so choose a positive experience one that will leave memories with you long after you return.