I have stayed in the main hotel at Alton Towers before, but never in the Enchanted Village so I was looking forward to sleeping somewhere new in the park's grounds.

The Enchanted Village

The Enchanted Village

I quickly put aside the fact that I am 30 and happily reverted back to being a child on Friday when I checked in- because- well you just have to.

The village itself can only be described as Alton Towers' version of The Shire, from Lord of the Rings. All the lodges are small wooden huts with big round, green doors. The wonky fence partitions and angled chimneys are quirky and imperfect, but it adds to their charm. It's like you've been transported into a fairyland.

Although we didn't have any children with us, it's easy to see the appeal for small kids up to pre-teen age.

The lodge was kitted out to look like a pukka home for fable folk with doors for the forest sprites to enter and floors that look like picnics. There were sweeties, biscuits, drinks and crisps a plenty so lots of treats to welcome you in. Complete with a storybook, so kids can learn about the village inhabitants who share their home with visitors- you are pulled into the world of magic and mystery when you set foot through the door.

Each porch has outdoor seating so you can enjoy watching the world go by. There are also children's play areas to keep the little ones busy while you're resting in the lodge.

Each hut has a double bed for mums and dads or couples and another room that can provide up to three kiddies with a place to sleep.

The laminate floors throughout are in-keeping with the theme but also mean the rooms are clean and airy despite being quite snug in size.

Breakfast at The Crooked Spoon, was only a short walk away from our lodge and offered a buffet of cereals, cooked breakfasts, baked goodies and hot and cold drinks.

With such a wide variety- it is suitable for big eaters, small eaters, veggies and meat eaters or even those who don't really do breakfast- the folk who prefer a good cuppa to wake them up. A special mention must go out to the hash browns- I miss them already!

As the village is still quite new, many of the trees have not matured yet, so in a few years, it will look more established, however the tree in the centre more than makes up for this at night.

The large tree that sits behind the village is covered in fairy lights and is nothing short of spectacular when you're walking back from your evening meal in the dark. And if you're lucky you might see on of the woodland creatures going about their business if you're really quiet. We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a bunny hopping about in the grass.

I loved the fact I could be a kid again this past weekend. The lodges were charming and for the entire stay I was able to forget about all my adult responsibilities and just enjoy myself. An absolute delight!

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