A lot of the time, Eurovision feels like a foregone conclusion before the event has even kicked off. When it comes time to actually voting for the acts however, there have been a few surprises in history. Could that happen again this year? We’d like to think so, so take a look at our selection of 5 Acts That Could Pull Off A Surprise Win At Eurovision 2017

Lucie Jones competes for the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest / Credit: BBC

Lucie Jones competes for the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest / Credit: BBC

5. Belgium - Blanche

All over the charts, Blanche is increasingly making a mark on those who tune into Eurovision, and could surprise everybody tonight with a win. At just 17-years-old, she’s one of this year’s youngest competitors, but her live vocals and staging have seen her odds plunge in the past few weeks. Singing at 23 however, she has a great slot to pull the naysayers back in and snatch up a win.

4. Sweden – Robin Bengtsson

Easy on the eyes as well as the ears, Robin Bengtsson is certainly a fan favourite when it comes to Eurovision viewers, but still the bookies have got quite far odds for the singer, despite him coming from the traditionally highly successful Sweden. At 18, he entered the Swedish version of Pop Idol, finishing third in the competition. He’ll be hoping to better that position when he sings at tonight’s Eurovision grand final.

3. Croatia – Jacques Houdek

This Hungarian gypsy singer has one heck of a voice and serves as a mentor on his country’s version of The Voice. Releasing a whopping 13 albums to-date, he’s garnered an impressive number of fans thanks to his talent and his charity work. Nicknamed ‘The Croatian Sensation’, he’s delivering a treat of a track to Eurovision viewers with ‘My Friend’; we can’t wait to see his live performance, as it’s sure to impress.

2. Armenia - Artsvik

Rising to fame when she competed in the Russian version of The Voice, Artsvik will be performing the song ‘Fly’ in the Grand Final of the contest. Whilst the bookies aren’t that hopeful about her chances, they could be sleeping on a song and entertaining performer that quickly pulls it out of the bag.

1. The United Kingdom – Lucie Jones

She may not have won The X Factor when she competed on the show, but the UK’s Lucie Jones has captured the hearts of many across Europe with her incredible rendition of her original song. She’ll be taking to the stage 18th – the place which historically has garnered the highest average ranking spot – and the song is genuinely catchy, inspiring and infectious. We hope that some perfect vocals, beautiful staging and a putting aside of politics means that Lucie could do the impossible and bring the Eurovision Song Contest back to British shores.

The Eurovision Song Contest kicks off at 8pm tonight (May 13) on BBC One.

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