Selma Blair in Anger Management

Selma Blair in Anger Management

With Anger Management racking up the ratings in the US, it’s about time we got it over in the UK. Before its premier tonight, one of the shows stars Selma Blair talks about her part in the hit comedy.

What’s Anger Management all about?

Selma Blair: Anger management is about a character Charlie Goodson played by Charlie Sheen who was almost successful baseball player who couldn't manage his anger and broke his bat on his knee and became an anger management therapist.

Why was “Anger Management” a project you wanted to be involved in?

With this show, right from the get-go, everyone just had a great feeling about it and Charlie has such a charismatic amazing talent. There are a lot of reasons why I said yes.

Who is Kate Wales?

She is a bit cynical I think. She is probably way more complicated than I think she is because maybe I am. She is intelligent and I think she is a great match for Charlie. She apparently just wants to have sex, no strings attached and she is kind of almost the man in her relationships.

What role does Kate play in Charlie’s life?

He has a daughter and an ex-wife and there are amazing, wonderful, complicated and sweet characters and I play his best friend, therapist and sex buddy.

Is Kate a good therapist?

Kate is just a little more distant and a little more professional than Charlie probably. It’s still in the beginning days of seeing what's going on with her and obviously she has some complicated stuff going on because she is sleeping with her best friend/patient. I think for the most part other, than that major faux pas, she really likes to play by the rules and is a pretty serious woman. 

What do you like about Kate? 

I like that all the women in the show are kind of cleverer than Charlie. All of them can really kind of boss him around in a way. But I like that Kate she is kind of grounding. She’s not over-the-top funny, she has a little bit of a bite to her but she is kind of the sane one. 

How would you explain Kate’s sexual relationship with Charlie? 

I imagine it's not ethical, I don't sleep with a lot of my therapists! Well, a couple of them I have, just kidding!  But it happens and I think they just kind of do it.  I think she really loves him so is his therapist really as a friend. And then she’s getting paid for it because that’s what friends do. 

Is Charlie a good therapist? 

I think he is a bit unconventional with his therapy he is really hands on.  He has this group therapy in his house, that’s so weird.  I’m just saying I wouldn’t want it at home but he is really involved in his patient’s lives and patients are kooks. 

How did you prepare for your role as a therapist on “Anger Management”? 

I have a very dear friend she is a therapist but she is so much kinder than the kind of therapist I’m playing so I can't really draw on that much. It was my major in college but I think psychology was everyone's major in college. I really just say what they write, it’s not that hard. 

What was it like to work with guest star Martin Sheen? 

With Martin Sheen on set I was quite nervous in the table read because he is pretty iconic, pretty amazing and seems like a wonderful father too. It was really touching and funny seeing them [Charlie and Michael Sheen] read together. 

What was it like having Denise Richards on set as a guest star? 

It's wonderful how Charlie is bringing all these people in who are obviously very talented and wonderful and also bringing some of Charlie's personal life into it Even in the stories there are little things for people who follow that which are very, very funny. 

What sets “Anger Management” apart from other sitcoms on television? 

I think the writing is excellent. I mean these are some of the funniest scripts I've ever read. I usually don't understand sitcoms because there are such a like kind of pat rhythm and these are smooth and really mature. It’s really great writing. I don’t know how else to say it, I laugh aloud when I’m reading the scripts. I was so happy to be here, I never get bored of these jokes. It's pretty grown-up and smart. 

What is it like working with Brett Butler?

I don't know what to say about Brett Butler, she was one of the biggest stars in the world and to have her come back on this show is an honour and so much fun. She is a totally interesting, wonderful woman who is just always interesting. She is obviously a very distinctive persona, a distinct everything. It is just is refreshing to have a woman that’s so different and amazing. 

How would you describe Charlie’s style of therapy? 

He is very hands-on with his patients.  I mean, you have to be, because that’s going to bring up the funny. I mean you have to have this like kind of land of misfit toys in his living room and he genuinely cares about them so much. I mean you have to be if you're inviting a bunch of angry people into your living room other than a family you have to invite. So he is a very caring and sweet character. 

Why should audiences tune in to watch “Anger Management”? 

Well I think what’s so amazing about this show is you don't need to explain or tell anyone to watch it because I think they automatically will because the world loves Charlie Sheen.

How will Charlie Sheen’s fans around the world react to seeing the show? 

People were perfectly happy in the last show that he was so brilliant in and then this one is even better. So I think that's what the marvellous thing about being on the show is, I think it has an audience. I hope that that audience then tells a bigger audience and that it's just an instant organic thing.


Anger Management is on Comedy Central from 12th September at 9pm

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