Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

We move into the podium positions of our TV countdown, and the metaphorical bronze medal for the year goes to our favourite swords and shields drama to hit the screen in years; Game Of Thrones.

While the first season of the big budget HBO series laid down a hefty gauntlet, the second rose to the occasion and knocked the spots off it.

Bigger, more violent and more deceitful than ever before, Game Of Thrones used it’s warring factions to create a full so full of conflict and intrigue, you didn’t know where to look next.

Game Of Thrones makes the most of its size, swanning confidently from each corner of Westeros to the other. It’s not just its gaze that’s grand, as the show revels in the grandiose. Whether it’s vistas, sets or enormous battles, the show is at its very best when it turns it up to eleven.

The cast of characters are also a major part of our Game Of Thrones love, with this one of the finest collection of fascinating characters we can remember.

Despite the best efforts of Lena Heady, Nickolai Coster-Waldau, Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams, it’s Peter Dinklage that steals the show completely, taking the already brilliant Tyrion and making him into beating heat of the show.

The trouble with any show as multi-faceted and open as Game Of Thrones is the always present danger of imploding under the weight of it all.

Thankfully Game Of Thrones didn’t introduce too many more names and faces for us to know, and making sure that it gave those that it did introduce enough time to make an impression. From the ruthless and horribly pragmatic Stanis and the utterly loveable Brienne, all of this year’s inclusions simply added spice to the pot.

Filled with incredible, enormous and brutal action, incredible twists one of the most interesting world’s we’ve visited for a while and leaves us on a cliff hanger so big, we daren’t look down or the room will start spinning, Game Of Thrones just went from strength to strength in its follow up year.

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