Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

The Golden Globes are here again and while the movie stars might be getting the lion’s share of attention, the awards for TV acting will be just as fiercely fought.

With the awards ceremony itself taking place this upcoming weekend, we’re throwing our hat into the ring when it comes to the nominees for the best actors to have graced the small screen this year and say who we’d most like to see win and if they actually stand any chance.

Best Actor in a Drama Series – Bryan Cranston

We love Damian Lewis in Homeland, but Cranston is just a cut above as Walter White.

The tale of a man turning from Mr Chips to Scarface wouldn’t have been believable if we hadn’t had an actor able to pull off the transformation completely. Without Bryan Cranston, the show simply wouldn’t have become the masterpiece it is.

With the ground-breaking drama halfway through its final series, the Globes committee has once again put Cranston forward for the award and while he’s probably deserved it for the last few years, we hope that they finally give him the fruits of his labours.

 Likelihood of winning – 8/10

He’s been nominated for the last four years without success, so in the way that only award ceremonies seem to be able to get away with, this one seems indebted to Cranston.

While Damian Lewis upset the apple cart at the Emmys earlier this year swiping his usual traditional award from under his nose, the possibility of it happening at the Globes is far smaller.

Best Actor Comedy Series – Don Cheadle

House Of Lies revolved on Cheadle’s performance and it was the composed arrogance of it that made the show the razor edged joy it was.

Filled with the sort of swaggering charm that can only come naturally, Cheadle’s performance as head con man Marty Kaan was something to behold. Able to swing from effervescent and jovial to dark and brooding like a bipolar light switch, this was a performance of far greater depth than we would have predicted at the show’s outset.

All of this from an actor we usually never see cracking a joke on screen.

Likelihood of winning – 3/10

With 30 Rock ending this year, Alec Baldwin looks like the odds on favourite for the award, having been nominated every year since 2007 for his role as 30 Rock’s producer Jack Donaghy, winning three times in the process. With defending champion Matt LeBlanc and ex-winner Jim Parsons also amongst the nominees, Cheadle’ got his work cut out for him.

Best Supporting Actor – Mandy Patinkin

Clair Danes might be the heartbeat of Homeland, but Mandy Patinkin’s Saul is the soul of the show. His performance as the world weary spy has been the perfect emotional grounding for the drama throughout its two series and finally he’s getting the recognition he deserves for his role.

It was in the final two episodes of the series though that Mandy pulled ahead of the competition though, with his absolutely stunning performance in the finale a majestic acting master class. Filled with raw emotion and gallons of pain, Mandy showed off just why he’s the single most underrated part of Homeland.

Likelihood of winning – 6/10

With Emmy winner Aaron Paul criminally not up for consideration or the prize, Mandy’s competition isn’t quite as stiff as it could have been. Still, he’s got a real fight on his hands to claim the prize. The field this year is exceptionally strong, with no real clear front runner right now. It all depends if they want to go for drama or comedy. If they go dramatic, he’ll have to fight Ed Harris. If they go comedic, Eric Stonestreet will be hard to beat.

Best Actor Miniseries – Toby Jones

We love Toby Jones. He’s one of the busiest actors in Britain and he manages to make just about everything that he touches incalculably better. This controversial Hitchcock portrayal is no different, with Jones being absolutely mesmerising as the ‘master of suspense’.

While the feature length drama had definite issues, Jones was sublime as Hitchcock, capturing the mannerisms and feel of the rotund director better than anyone else ever has.

Likelihood of winning – 5/10

Jones looks set to become a victim of bigger names joining the TV party this year, with Woody Harrelson, Clive Owen and Kevin Costner providing star studded competition for him. With Benedict Cumberbatch rounding off the five nominees for his turn as Sherlock, it will be a real turn for the books if Jones manages to sneak off with the gong.

With Harrelson and Costner look set to duke it out for the award, Jones may have to remain satisfied with just a nomination.


Will our picks win though? Only the ceremony on January 13th will hold the answers. Which actors do you think will be bringing home the big prizes from the evening? Let us know in the comment section.

Check back in tomorrow to see our picks for our favourite ladies of the year.

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