Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

The Golden Globes honoured the best and brightest in the world of TV last night in the first major awards show of 2013 and we were more than pleasantly surprised about the results.

We predicted that Homeland would clean up, but while we were unsurprised by the show and Claire Danes picking up their awards, we were a little taken back by Damian Lewis’ win. We thought it would be a straight fight between the Brit and Bryan Cranston, but we were pretty sure that Cranston would walk off with the award, especially as this was his fourth nomination for his stunning work on Breaking Bad.

We were more pleasantly surprised when the ground-breaking and utterly brilliant Girls walked off with Best Comedy and it’s star and creator Lena Dunham fought off an incredible level of competition to snag herself the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Show. Whenever Girls rarely stumbled last year, it was Dunham’s brilliantly frank performance that got it back on its feet in a flash.

The biggest shock of the evening for us came with the announcement of Don Cheadle taking home the prize for best comedic performance. While we were on the bandwagon and waving the Don Cheadle flag for all to see, it looked a massively tall order for him to claim the award, with Globes favourites Matt Le Blanc and Jim Parsons for company in the nominees list. That his performance as the untrustworthy and arrogant Marty Kaan stopped Jim Parsons picking up a third win at the awards filled us with glee.

We’re also very happy to be finally able to say “Golden Globe winner, Julianne Moore” after she finally won an award at the ceremony last night for her brilliant performance as Sarah Palin in political drama Game Change, which would unsurprisingly also pick up awards for both Ed Harris and be crowned the best Mini-Series or TV Movie.

While we’d have loved to have seen Mandy Patinkin win Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding performances in Homeland (his performance in the last episode alone should have been enough to win him the award), at least Maggie Smith picked up yet another award for her scene stealing role in Downton Abbey.

In an awards show filled with surprises, we were very happy that they nearly all fell the way we hoped they would.


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