Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas is back with his new reality show Married To Jonas that continues on E! Entertainment this Sunday night, which sees us follow Kevin, the oldest of the famous singing brothers, and his wife Danielle in their married life.

Filled with all the ups and downs of married life, the show offers a real insight into the lives of Kevin and Danielle and how they deal with Kevin’s international career and each other’s rather eccentric in-laws.

We caught up with Kevin Jonas himself to talk about the show, his music career and how he and his bride met.

So tell us a little bit about Married To Jonas.

It’s very much a true representation of our lives.  There’s no scripts or directions, it’s just the cameras following us in our daily lives, and the ups and downs that come with being a young, newly married couple juggling the in-laws and careers with finding time to spend with each other.  It’s a lot of fun.

Where did the idea of the show come from?

I’ve been approached a few times and we always declined previously.  And then we met with Ryan Seacrest and he asked again and we thought, you know, why not?  We enjoy watching reality shows on TV and it could be fun. 

Have the cameras put any extra pressure on you two as a couple?

We’re a young married couple and we go through all the ups and downs that every couple goes through, we’re no different.  It can be difficult for us because when I’m touring with my brothers, as I hate being away from Dani.  That’s the worst thing about my job, but we work through and it just means when we do have time together we ensure we make the most of it and have fun together.

How do you best find the way to balance your marriage and your career?

It’s a very real mirror. We’re growing because of it. The show’s made us have to talk about everything and really share your feelings, and in doing that you grow. Sometimes in marriage you sweep things under the rug and you choose your battles. You work together to compromise a lot of times, but with this you see everything and talk about everything. You really grow as a couple. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, but for us it’s been a good thing.

Judging by the show, Dani’s in-laws seem a hoot, what are they like to deal with?

Dani’s family are great and I’m really lucky to have them as in-laws.  But it’s definitely not all plain sailing.  They are such big characters who aren’t scared to speak their mind, and we have different points of you at time, so we have to work through that. 

You’re on tour at the moment, what can you tell us about that?  Are you planning to be back in the studio anytime soon?

Right now we’re all working together on our music and the tour and it’s so exciting.  We’ve worked on solo projects for the last few years and now the focus is back on the Jonas Brothers a group.  It’s been great getting back into the studio. 

Both your brothers have pursued solo projects – aside from Married to Jonas, have you been tempted?

Right now we’re just having so much fun, and we love working together as a band.

How did you meet Dani?

We met on separate family holidays in Barbados.  She’d never heard our music before, she didn’t know anything. But it was so early in the Jonas Brothers’ career that it was really a positive for me and Danielle because she was there through everything.

What’s next for you then?

More music and touring!

Married to Jonas is at 10pm on Sundays only on E! Entertainment

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