Room On The Broom

Room On The Broom

Room On The Room is the latest animated delight to come out of Magic Light Pictures, who over the last trio of years have begun to make their seasonal specials a Christmas essential and don’t let us down with this winter warmer.

After the incredible success of The Gruffalo and the admittedly not quite as magical The Gruffalo’s Child, they’re back with another literary adaptation from the same author as the monster based children’s classic which went on to be nominated for both a BAFTA and an Oscar, Julia Donaldson.

This time we focus on a rather hapless but incredibly affable witch, who invites a group of animals on to her broom for a ride, much to the disdain of her protective and grumpy cat. Their merry little trip though hits a hurdle when a fearsome dragon turns up to spoilt the party.

Once again, the half hour special is instantly recognisable as being from the same hand as the team behind The Gruffalo. Gorgeous, deceptively intricate and colourful characters have become their trademark, and once again it makes Room On The Broom look absolutely brilliant and a vivid realisation of Axel Schaffer’s illustrations.

One of the most charming aspects to this animation though is just how closely it sticks to the award winning source material, a children’s book that’s sold over two and half million copies and inspired a West End musical. Whilst often wholesale changes are implemented, only one word of the book has been altered. And it’s the first one.

Quintessentially British, with an all-star cast of home-grown stars not to be scoffed at in any way shape or form including Gillian Anderson, Rob Brydon and Simon Pegg narrating the tale, Room On The Broom is a wonderful after dinner treat for all the family.


Room On The Broom is on at 4:35 on BBC One today.

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