The legendary reality show is making a comeback on ITV2 in 2023 and executives are said to have a shortlist of three potential sites on the outskirts of north London, as they look to create something they can use for years to come.

Big Brother

Big Brother

An insider told The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column: "The network is clearly in this for the long haul and plans on a successful multi-series run with 'Big Brother', just like Channel 4 did back in the day. “Channel bosses don’t want to be moving locations and dealing with the often complicated rules and regulations of renting out a space.

"Building their own 'Big Brother' house will remove any risk. It’ll mean they can pretty much do whatever they want.”

Back in the day, the original 'Big Brother' house was in Bow, East London but it had to move in 2002 after the local council insisted the land had to be returned to its original state.This meant the show found a new home at Elstree Studios, where it remained until Channel 5 cancelled the programme in 2018, and the house got demolished.

The source added: "They’ll choose between the three locations on their shortlist soon. “Once they’ve decided, they’ll have the builders move in as soon as possible to bring the next 'Big Brother' house to life."

Producers are keen to create something unique for the new series, but they still want to pay tribute to the past with "plenty of nostalgia". The insider said: “They’re already working on designs of how they want the house to look.

“It’s important to them that they put their own stamp on it while still giving plenty of nostalgia for long-time fans to enjoy.”

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