That’s a wrap! Big Brother Canada Season 10 has officially reached its conclusion, with an epic finale that saw Betty Yirsaw finish in third place, with Josh Nash just missing out on the win and taking the runner-up spot. We caught up with the two the morning after the big night, to chat all about their games, the ‘bitter’ Jury and more! Here’s what they had to say…

So first off, congratulations on making it to the end of this game, that’s no easy feat in Big Brother Canada. How are you both feeling after last night?

Betty: Good, just need to decompress a little bit but feeling good and grateful for sure.

Josh: Yeah, it’s nice to be back into the regular world now, and not be recorded 24/7 and have everything recorded that you say! That feels pretty good too.

Betty – Moose and Hermon weren’t shy about showing you how they felt when you walked out of the House but, you also weren’t afraid to tell them to sit down! So why do you think they acted like that when you came out of the House?

Betty: That wasn’t one of my proudest moments but, I had just got burned really bad so, you know me! I had to let them know exactly how I felt, tell them to take a seat. You know, at the end of the day it’s just a game but it was just a little too soon for comfort. You know me, I can’t hold my tongue!

Josh why do you think in the end that the majority of the Jury decided to hand the win to Kevin over you?

Josh: Oh, I think that I had a very bitter Jury against me and I didn’t know that they were that bitter. I felt that in this game I should’ve developed more of a game relationship with people than a personal relationship, because I think when those bridges got burned, it really hurt. So, I felt like people carried that a lot into the [Jury] House and I think there was actually, a motion for people to vote against me, rather than to vote for anyone to win, so I think anyone sitting next to me probably had a really good chance.

You were called a ‘snake’ and I believe ‘weak’ for crying and showing emotion! Do you feel that was unfair?

Josh: I don’t think it was fair, because I think if I had had those conversations with people in the House about why I was making the decisions I was, it would’ve gone over a lot better – or if I had given some warning to some of those decisions – but I was very much… I like to think through things in my head and then I’ll make a decision that completely makes sense to me, but obviously a lot of people took some of my decisions by surprise. So, they were like, ‘you’re a snake, you’re a liar’, blah blah blah and, it’s totally fair how they felt.

Betty, you did vote for Josh to win! So why did you make that decision?

Betty: I had promised Josh that regardless of what happened in the House, I would still vote for him to win. It was really important for me to have someone that was indigenous take this home, that was something that we talked about a lot in the House, just having that diverse member of our community win and I really wanted that. I just wanted to make sure I was staying true to my word at the end of the day.

How do you both feel about representing your communities? Because I feel like you’ve both done an incredible job.

Betty: I feel good about it. What you see on TV is literally what you get! That was Betty to an absolute T, so I hope that my community is proud at the end of the day, because I tried my best.

Josh: It makes me so proud to know that I was representing the Tahltan nation. I think I’m the first person to even do a reality TV show, it’s this small little nation up in northern BC, so it was so cool to have that opportunity and I’m so grateful for it; to be able to show Canada more about what indigenous people look like here and, different parts of the dynamics here, so it’s sweet.

Josh, how do you feel your game went? Do you think there’s anything you could’ve changed that you can pinpoint, that would have helped you get that win?

Josh: Yes, probably in Week 6. I know this might suck to hear, but the smarter decision probably at that time would have been to keep Hermon. We did have a Final 2 together and Hermon really did want to honour that, but I thought Hermon wanted a Final 2 with Moose so I could never fully trust Hermon, just because they were so much closer in the House than I was with Hermon. So, if I had stuck to that, I think I would’ve had a far less bitter Jury. I would have had Hermon fighting for me throughout, week to week, so it probably would have been that week.

Betty, how do you think a Final 2 of you and Josh would have shaken out?

Betty: I honestly thought Josh was gonna win the game. I really did! I did not think in a million years I would have taken home the W. I just really wanted to sit next to him at the end, so I think that even in a Final 2 with Josh, I truly believe that he would’ve won.

Josh, why did you make the decision then, to take Kevin over Betty?

Josh: That’s the $100,000 question Daniel! In that moment I had to think over it for a few days and, I’d been really good at the trivia throughout the season, coming in second most of the time, and so when it came to Kevin, I knew there was a good chance I would be picking the person to sit next to me. With Kevin, I knew that people in Jury didn’t know his game that well because he did a lot of things covertly. Kevin didn’t have a lot of competition wins, I didn’t think he had really strong connections with people in the House so, I was like, ‘I have this in the bag if I take Kevin’, and I definitely did not.

It may be a little early to ask this but, how have you found coming out of the House into the real world, you’re allowed to speak to other people! How are you both finding that?

Josh: It feels incredible to be out in the real world! I’m sure I’ll miss the House in a bit but I’ll watch an episode if I ever feel that way. It’s too soon to go back to that place right now and relive some of those things, so I’m just gonna enjoy this fresh air now and, not having an alarm wake me up in the morning and, let me know when to go to sleep or, find space in the kitchen to cook.

Betty: Yeah, I totally agree. It felt so good to get a breath of fresh air yesterday. I think I’d been in the House for 10 days straight, not even being able to go outside, so that was just amazing, and just having conversations with actual people that weren’t Houseguests was next level. I can’t even tell you how amazing it feels.

It’s super early days, you probably don’t wanna think about it right now but, if All Stars did come knocking, is it something you would both consider?

Betty: Maybe! Maybe. I don’t know if I can ever turn down an opportunity to play this game, I really love it so much, I’m obsessed with it, I still am.

Josh: I would be too, but in a week or so would definitely be too soon. I would be happy to play from anybody with this cast too, I think everybody did a phenomenal job and of course I would love to play again with Betty and, hopefully set things right this time!

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