Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul Paul is helping devotees cope with the end of the series by calling them up to chat with them.

I hid tickets all around the city and I did a scavenger hunt via Twitter

The fan-friendly star, who has been known to pose for pictures with tourists passing his Hollywood home, admits he often phones Breaking Bad-obsessed TV viewers to talk to them about the show as they prepare for the upcoming last episode, which will air in America on 29 September (13).

He explains, "On Sunday nights (when the show is broadcast in America) people are watching the show and I go to my Twitter and people are just like, 'Oh my God, I'm stressing out. I need to talk to someone about the show', and I'm like, 'Well, what's your number?' I'll go, 'Hey everyone, I'm at home. Anyone wanna talk Breaking Bad with me?' And so people will tweet me their numbers and I'll call them".

But Paul admits it's often difficult to convince fans that it's really him on the other end of the line "The majority of the conversation is me trying to convince them that it's actually me and then once they figure it out they just scream".

The actor also returned to his native Boise, Idaho last weekend (14-15Sep13) for a special screening of the show just for locals.

Paul adds, "I rented out the oldest theater in Idaho, The Egyptian, and I invited all the community to come down. I hid tickets all around the city and I did a scavenger hunt via Twitter. It was an awful idea. "I'd be having lunch and I'd send out a tweet saying, 'Hey, the tickets are in a flower pot, go check it out...,' and then all of a sudden, like, 100 people would be coming from every direction, like diving to the flower pot.

"The biggest mistake was (tweeting), 'Hey, outside of Hotel 43, I'm gonna be dropping tickets outside of a window'. The next thing I look and there's, like, 100 people outside... and I opened the window, said, 'Yeah, bitch,' and then I throw out some tickets and it becomes, like, WrestleMania - girls getting tackled, thrown in bushes, tickets stolen".

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