Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

Britain’s Got Talent is coming back this weekend and sees yet again the most weird and wonderful compete for the chance of a slot in The Royal Variety Performance and to strut their stuff before the queen.

Ant and Dec are back too to help guide us through the chaos and they took some time out to speak about this year’s competition and their favourite acts so far.

How does it feel to be back presenting Britain’s Got Talent for another year?

Ant: We are thrilled to be back presenting Britain’s Got Talent. We had such a fun time last year and Ashley and Pudsey were such great winners.

Dec: Last year was such a big year for talent. Quite a few of the acts in the final could have won the show, like Jonathan and Charlotte and The Loveable Rogues.

Are you proud to have presented every series of Britain’s Got Talent?

Dec: Yes, only ourselves and Amanda have been there since the start! We’re proud to have met and spoken to every act that has auditioned.

What’s it been like being reunited with the judges?

Ant: It’s great that we have the same judging panel this year as they all work so well together.

Dec: The interaction of David and Alesha works really well. They have real chemistry between them.

What are your favourite memories from last year’s show?

Ant: I think the final - the talent was so strong and the winning act was a teenage girl and a dancing dog, that’s variety!

Dec: I loved it when Pudsey got on the judges desk and sat in front of Simon and looked up! That was a lovely moment, they were well deserved winners.

What type of act are you hoping will win Britain’s Got Talent this year?

Dec: Hopefully it’s the turn of the humans this year after an animal won last year!

Ant: We’re massive fans of variety acts, so it would be nice to have a different type of act winning. A comedian, a magician or an old school variety act would be good. We’ve got lots of them this year, but they need to be a modern take on variety.

What do you think of this year’s talent?

Ant: It’s great. It’s very, very strong this year. Quite a few animals have auditioned this year, but not a lot of them live up to Pudsey.

Who are your favourite ever acts from over the years?

Dec: Diversity, Stavros Flatley, Paul Potts and of course Susan Boyle! That was a massive moment. We love those really big moments.

Ant: I loved Dennis Egel, the German guy with the big wings last year!

Without giving too much away, what have been some of the best acts during this year’s auditions?

Ant: We’ve had a lot of really good singer-songwriters, a couple of great bands, some really good impressionists and comedians. We’re strong in most categories.

And the worst?

Dec: The animals this year. They haven’t lived up to Pudsey. We had a dancing raccoon that didn’t really dance. It did take a poo outside the judge’s room though! We also had a painting donkey that didn’t paint.

Are there any surprises we should look out for?

Ant: Yes but they’re surprises!

Are there any memorable backstage moments from the audition tour?

Dec: Every day we arrive at the auditions and don’t know who is about to appear, so for us it’s as surprising as it is for the audience. That’s why we love our role on the show.

Ant: There have been a couple of Susan Boyle type moments this year. Wait and see!

What is your advice to this year's contestants?

Ant: Step it up when you get to the live shows. Those acts that have got real talent raise their game and put a lot of thought and rehearsal into their act.

What are you most looking forward to for the live shows?

Dec: The variety of acts that we have, there’s a real mix of talent this year. Some of it is really visually stunning. We’re looking forward to a few key performances like nothing you’ve seen on live TV before!

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV this Saturday April 13th.

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