Since the first episode was released back in 2019, Selling Sunset has been a Netflix phenomenon. Covering the Los Angeles real estate market, the series explored the area’s sunny location, and the abundance of rich and famous people living there.



The reason behind its success remains a bit of a head-scratcher, seeing as it's so far detached from our everyday reality. But maybe that’s the point. Selling Sunset sells a dream to both its participants and the viewers themselves.

Here in the UK, no one would say no to being involved in the glamorous, high-priced US property market. According to The Times, for instance, Las Vegas has become one of the most popular places for Brits looking for homes overseas. No, not just for the casinos, but for that sunny, luxurious lifestyle. It’s a different experience, and while most of those Brits will likely still play each blackjack game on their phones rather than spending thousands at Caesar’s Palace, just being there feels special.

But not everyone takes the trip over the pond, and perhaps that’s why Netflix UK has attempted to find its own answer. The answer itself is called Buying London.

The Boss Behind Buying London: Daniel Daggers

In Buying London, Daniel Daggers is replacing the roles of the Oppenheim twins and Mauricio Umansky. Dubbed Mr. Super Prime, Daggers has transacted property worth more than £5bn for the most rich and famous, leaving quite a legacy behind him. His story isn't just about luxurious houses - it aims to transform the entire real estate scene in London. 

For half his career - over 25 years working in mainstream property businesses, including large corporations - Daggers decided to go solo, partnering with his firm, DDRE Global, to introduce fresh ideas into real estate.

Throughout the show, there are glimpses of some of the most mouth-watering properties dotted across different parts of London, like Mayfair's swanky streets or even the secluded, quietly tucked away corners of Holland Park. You can imagine how incredible these houses are: they're worth hundreds of millions.

However, it goes beyond just glitter and glamour.

You get an idea of what happens behind the scenes following Daniel and his team trying to outdo established offices run by veteran sellers. It's real estate warfare.

Behind the Scenes

It isn't just any other property programme on TV screens. Buying London focuses on hopes, obstacles, and success stories within a team attempting to think big. To prove their capability in turning over conventional markets for English capital city housing,

Daniel and his gang have come up with various teasers and sneak peeks showing opulent residences along with the cheeky charm of Daniel, who wants to outsmart the cliché-ridden snob estate agent world. Still, you'll find a lot of his office is cliché-ridden. 

The anticipation around Buying London is palpable - if you haven't watched it, you can find it in the Top 10 TV Shows section on Netflix.

The Reception: Hit or Miss?

Although the premise for Buying London looks promising, it has been received with mixed feelings. Maybe it's because there are so many similar shows like it now. There have been strong opinions from early viewers - some appreciated the show for its stunning homes, while others didn't find it appealing.

Critics have raised many concerns about this programme focusing on extremely rich people at a time when housing costs are skyrocketing, questioning both the format employed and its authenticity. Still, that's what all of these types of shows do, so it's a bit of a pointless comment.

Comparing with Selling Sunset

There's no avoiding comparing it to selling Sunset. The two are pretty much interchangeable, revolving around luxury property sales lines and lots of drama. Even though success continues to evade the show unlike the original Selling Sunset or Selling Tampa (both renewed for several seasons), buying London isn't having the same impact. That's not to say it's having no impact, but it's not comparable.

Firstly, one of the major differences is the setting. Los Angeles has mansions bathed in sunlight with celebrity clients, with countless rich people with money to burn. Buying London has a historical and noble allure without the stunning weather. Everything looks better in the sun!

So, has Buying London completely redefined the luxury real estate reality genre for UK viewers? It is too early to say. As soon as you watch an episode of Buying London, you will either love or hate it, but never keep quiet about it because it is a subject that seems to move people.