Red wig. Check. Prosthetic dentures. Check. Talent. Check. And everything that made Cilla Black such a warming personality that the nation embraced? Check.

Sheridan Smith has it all. Constantly flitting between roles that all seem so unique and different to the last, she's an actress who has found her feet but doesn't quite know where she'd like to rest them.

Credit: ITV

Now in this new ITV three-part drama from Oscar-winning writer Jeff Pope and director Paul Whittington, Sheridan's proving once more why she will never be overlooked and has the grounds to sink her teeth into any role big or small.

And though we've all seen time and time again the advert including her silky blues vocals, she manages to shock each time she opens her mouth for a new tune, especially so for those who haven't seen the musical moments in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, or Sheridan live on-stage in Legally Blonde.

Given glimpses into the world of the music industry at the time and a little but not overbearing look at The Beatles, the writing is attuned, smart and at times, rambunctious. We're even shown the significant 'Flicks and Proddy' divide, not quite yet destructive but still very present.

Credit: ITV

Thrown right into the mix of it all you immediately feel at home on the streets of early 60's Liverpool, with the Cavern providing the perfect backdrop and atmosphere which the entire episode could then bounce off of.

A triumphant premiere for sure.

Cilla continues next Monday, September 22 at 9pm on ITV.

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