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Emily in Paris, Copyright Netflix UK

Emily in Paris, Copyright Netflix UK

Last month Netflix gifted its audiences with the release of its new show, Emily in Paris and it did not disappoint. Lily Collins dazzles viewers with her role as Emily who is navigating a new dream job with marketing clients, men and stunning style complimented by the beautiful backdrop of a French spring setting.

Emily in Paris allows viewers to enjoy the vicarious getaway it brings them at a time when an escape from mundanity may feel out of reach. The title character of Netflix’s new weekend binge pick, is living out a dream we have all had of packing a bag, picking up and moving to the ‘City of Love’. If that is not enough to bring a green hue to your face, she is enjoying all the Parisian perfections while working her dream job in a very The Devil Wears Prada fashion.

Lily Collins captures a sense of chic city living that has been hard to find since Carrie Bradshaw coined the lunchtime cosmopolitan. Her wardrobe showcases everything we wish we owned and more, all styled with a statement bag that ties it together unexpectedly well. Anyone who can walk the streets of Paris in heels as much as she does and still look sensational doing so deserves your attention.

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The show’s creator, Darren Star, is no stranger to sharing all things city street style and café catchups with us. As the creator of both Beverly Hills 90210 and Sex and the City, it comes as no surprise that Darren Star has successfully captured and to some extent resized the IT Girl look to fit into this new influencer-age. Lily Collins as Emily is, without a doubt, the quintessential IT Girl. It is an image which, like anything else, has evolved and this new era is now embodied in the influencers that flood our social media feeds. Emily’s character capitalises on this and the admiration felt by viewers eclipses their feeling of envy.

We all have our own style icons, whether it be Gossip Girl’s queen of the Upper East Side Serena van der Woodsen, Boston’s lawyer Ally McBeal or Friends’ own fashionista Rachel Greene. But what do they all have in common? They do city-living in style and Emily in Paris is right at home with them all.

While Emily in Paris is no copy and paste TV show, it does present itself as somewhat of a pastiche of other metropolitan-centred favourites. But this just makes it more commendable rather than condemnable, anyone who can bring a fresh desire to Paris without overlooking the fact that what has worked before will work again, deserves recognition. This show leaves you with a yearning for both the taste of Paris and their pastries.

So, if you are looking for your next thing to watch, Emily in Paris is the one! With only ten episodes, it will not take you long, but it will certainly leave you wanting more and renewing your passport. Although you may not be able to jet off to be your own Emily just yet, a little lockdown retail therapy could be a good starting point.

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