Hannah Ferrier has worked as a Chief Stewardess throughout five seasons of Below Deck Med / Picture Credit: Bravo/hayu
Hannah Ferrier has worked as a Chief Stewardess throughout five seasons of Below Deck Med / Picture Credit: Bravo/hayu

It's been an incredibly wild 12 months for Hannah Ferrier. Not only is she expecting her first child with her partner Josh, but fans of Below Deck Mediterranean saw her time on the show come to an end, after she was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn. 

The Captain has said she fired the former Chief Stewardess because she thought she posed a safety risk to the boat, following the reveal that Ferrier had unregistered (but still prescription) Valium and a vape pen in her possession when on board the vessel. With the struggles against anxiety fans have seen go down in previous seasons however, they flocked to Ferrier's defence. 

Others have backed the decision made by Yawn though, as disclosing drugs and registering them with the captain or safety officer is necessary so all laws can be complied with. It's been a wild ride that nobody has really come out of with a smile on their face, at least in terms of the show.

In her personal life however, Ferrier is flying high. Along with the upcoming birth of her first child, she's launched her own podcast as well as her own business; the latter of which aims to help people interested in making a career in the yachting industry.

We've just seen your time on Below Deck Med come to an end and fans have got a lot to say! How have you found the response to your firing and subsequent leaving of the show?

Honestly, I haven't been reading a lot or engaging. Obviously, it was not a nice exit and I'm in such a happy place in my life that I don't really want that kind of negativity around me. Although I can understand the frustration people have around the situation as I felt the same way! And I very much appreciate each and every word of support and love I get from the fans.

Hannah Ferrier in her final season of Below Deck Med / Picture Credit: Bravo/hayu
Hannah Ferrier in her final season of Below Deck Med / Picture Credit: Bravo/hayu

How do you maintain professionalism on a yacht when you, personally as a Chief Stew, disagree with what other crew members decide to do?

I think the key to working in yachting is to keep your opinions to yourself sometimes! Everyone is different and people need to make their own mistakes in life and in yachting!

What have been some of your favourite moments from being on Below Deck Med? 

The relationship I built with Aesha and Anastasia from Season 4 was a highlight for me, and Tiffany and Julia from Season 1 will always be close to my heart, so it's definitely been the relationships.

What's the strangest fan interaction you've had since starring on the show? 

Probably when people cry! I never know what to do when people cry when they meet me. It has only happened a few times, but I end up feeling awful when all I was doing was grocery shopping!

Ever had any odd gifts from viewers of the show?

I have a lot of fans asking to send gifts, but I don’t really give my home address out!

Away from the series we have seen you start your new podcast Dear Diary, You're Effed - you're four episodes in and it's absolutely hilarious! I'm loving it. How have your fans responded?

I've absolutely loved the feedback I've received! It's always nerve-racking to try something new, but people seem to be getting into it and having a good laugh, and that's the most important thing to me. 2020 has been a weird year, so I just wanted to provide people with a chuckle!

You mentioned that some of the girls you went to school with have been in touch and they're not all happy about being included! What have they said?

Hahahaha. Honestly, it's mostly just girls saying, "Uhhh - please don't call it a ‘sluts school’ because my daughter now goes there”, and then I realise the girls I went to school with now have daughters in high school and it makes me feel VERY old. (laughs)

There are a lot of diary entries to go through, so will there be multiple seasons of the podcast?

I will keep the podcast going as long as people keep listening! We are going to be moving through my diaries, but also other people's! We had our first caller this week, which was great!

Your partner Josh has been described as "mysterious" by the tabloid press and he does tend to steer away from the public eye and the internet, etc. - it made me laugh this week on the podcast when you said he was reading Reddit and said 'people on the internet can be mean!' - what does he make of your fame and all that comes with it?

He's totally fine with it. He's actually such an amazing sounding board because something will be said about me - which isn't true or is ridiculous - and it will wind me up, but he always just sees the funny side of it and we end up laughing about it, so it's great! He's really taught me to just laugh things off. At the end of the day, people can talk all they want, but when you take the high road and stay silent, it says more than going back and forth. 

Your due date is right around the corner! What's the most exciting thing for you when it comes to becoming a parent for the first time?

Oh gosh. How long have you got?! We moved into a big beautiful house a few months back with a big garden, so I can't wait for summer to enjoy that with Josh and my daughter. And taking her down the road to the beach. And watching my Dad (who is literally my favourite human in the world) fall in love with her. And watching her grow and develop and allowing her to take her naps on me as a treat every now and then (it’ll be a treat for me!) and watching her sleep and her discover new smells and tastes... basically just watching her. I'm going to be such a stalker!

Finally, is there anything else you've got in the works you can share anything about, or is it all guns a blazing mummy brain for the foreseeable?

Yes! My second baby that has come out of quarantine is my company: Ocean International Training Academy. It came about from my desire to help other people get out there and discover the world of yachting! It's such an amazing industry, but it seems very scary when you know nothing about it! My online training courses are built to help people learn about the industry and then progress to getting a job on a yacht and we help them at each step of the way! I am so excited about growing the company over the next few years and seeing my students realise their potential and reach their dreams!

Below Deck Mediterranean is available to stream/watch on hayu now.

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