Ahead of tonight's season two premiere of Being Mary Jane in the UK on BET, Gabrielle Union has spoken out about the show and what viewers can expect from her and her character Mary Jane.

Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane

Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane

The show follows Mary Jane as she does her best to balance her love and family lives, with some compelling antics along the way.

On the second season...

"This season you find Mary Jane with a lot of work drama, a lot of change over at Talk Back, a lot of new opportunities come her way that she may or may not be ready to handle. You see her family life sort of having a bit of upheaval. We've got Niecy her niece; second child, second baby father, no education, no job. Of course that becomes Mary Jane's headache. Then you have her love life. There are three love interests this season. It's very juicy and very sexy; one a little younger, one a little older and one just her size, like Goldilocks!"

On her character Mary Jane...

"We see the character's life 360 degrees. Usually you see a character just at work or you have her just with their friends or just with their lover but with Being Mary Jane you see every aspect of her life and she's flawed, she is imperfect, she makes a tonne of bad decisions but it doesn't stop her from being ambitious or loving or being in love with the idea of being in love. She doesn't get bitter. She just seems to get better and still makes mistakes, like normal people. I think that's something a lot of people have been waiting for; to see themselves and their flawed, imperfect lives reflected accurately on television.She breaks free of the boxes that people like to put women in, and career women in. She's not just a career woman who can't see past her nose. She still loves her family and maybe those relationships can be a little strained. She still loves the idea of being in love and being a wife and being a mother, it just hasn't happened yet. She's still very politically astute and socially conscious. I think when we think of career women, we think of them having a single minded focus, which is not accurate.

"I think what's great about the show is that it allows people to be people; normal, high functioning, mistake making people."

Being Mary Jane, Season 2 UK premiere tonight at 10pm on BET - Sky 187 / Virgin 184 / FREESAT 140

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