Hannah Horvath (Lena Denham) and her circle of friends return for the sixth and final season of HBO’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy series when Girls: The Complete Sixth Season arrives on on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download 24 July.

As we say goodbye to our favourite show one last time we take a look at the finest locations to visit as seen on Girls...

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Forget Manhattan’s allure and overpriced delicacies, or the Dean & Deluca and Central Park tourist trap. While thousands flock to the teeming city, locals know that Brooklyn is home to New York’s finest attractions. Brooklyn is the new centre for hip dive bars, flea markets, and dazzling views of Manhattan’s skyline from down under the bridge. And somewhere in between Williamsburg and Bushwick lies Greenpoint, cemented in the northernmost neighbourhood of the borough. Home to HBO’s hit television series Girls, Greenpoint has made quite an impression on visitors and residents alike.

It’s no surprise this beautiful neighbourhood, with its stunning waterfront views and bustling nightlife, is the set of Girls. The quaint book stores and lively city parks are visited often by Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet). You’ll find something new and exciting on every corner.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Though 45 Bushwick Place is a made up address for “the best party ever” in season 1, this neighbourhood is a must see. Bushwick is decorated with eye-catching graffiti, industrial lofts, and large warehouses. In the daytime, hipsters and art students dwell in cafes and taco storefronts.

When the sun goes down, the neighbourhood turns into a rave fantasy. Bushwick is the go-to party destination for anyone in the mood for cheap drinks and a far from ordinary night. Life-performances from underground DJ’s and indie rock bands are a daily occurrence.

Whether it’s a cool brunch spot or an alternative concert you’re interested in, you’ll always find something to do in Bushwick.

Spoonhill and Sugartown

Hannah, spends a far amount of time sifting through books at Spoonhill & Sugartown, located at 218 Bedford Avenue. Like all things in Brooklyn, the small business sells an impressive selection of second hand books and rare works of literature. What could be better than a well-loved copy of your favourite paperback? In season 2, Hannah and her boyfriend at the time, Sandy (Donald Glover) walk down the dim aisles of dusty books while having an intimate conversation. You could spend hours in Spoonhill, analysing books of art, design and architecture.

Café Grumpy

Café Grumpy is best known for its top quality, hand-roasted coffee and major role on Girls. Not only does the coffee joint employ Ray (Alex Karpovksy) and Hannah, Café Grumpy is also the backdrop for some of Girls’ most compelling – and sometimes awkward - scenes. The Brooklyn-based coffee shop has become a destination for Girls fanatics. Ironically, Cafe Grumpy is a chain holding several locations across New York including Chelsea, the Lower East Side, and Midtown (to name a few). The Greenpoint location remains a top coffee shop for locals and tourists.


Season 6 finds the girls in unfamiliar territories. The season kicks off with Hannah sent to surf camp in Montauk (Hamptons) by a magazine publisher. The Hamptons, frequented by wealthy New Yorkers in the summer time, is an odd fit for a Brooklynite. Hannah frolics up and down the beach in typical attire – almost fully nude – and pursues her sexy surf instructor (played by Riz Ahmed) in an effort to make her Hamptons experience more memorable.

Together, they explore the Hamptons, spending a majority of the time bumming on the beach and sharing some deep thoughts as they stare out into the ocean. The picturesque beach town is enlightening, and a break from the gritty city.

Poughkeepsie, New York City

In episode 2, Hannah joins Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and Marnie for a road trip to Poughkeepsie, a city in the Hudson Valley midway between New York City and Albany. While certainly not as glamorous as the city – or Brooklyn for that matter – Poughkeepsie offers large parks, apple orchards and stunning views of the Hudson Valley.

Home to a small 43,000 residents, Poughkeepsie is a quiet town with a country-side charm. You’ll feel like you’re thousands of miles away from the city, but in reality you’re only a short hour and a half drive from Manhattan. It’s no wonder Poughkeepsie is a destination for city dwellers and Brooklynites in desperate need of a weekend holiday.

Whether you’re looking for good cup of coffee, a thrilling night out, or a break from the bustling centre, New York offers something new and exciting for all.

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