So, there have finally been people boring and annoying enough to moan about the slight innuendo glazed over the episodes of Great British Bake Off. Thankfully, the BBC have let their complaints fall on deaf ears, and the innuendo is still coming thick and fast - excuse the pun.

Last night's episode saw the quarter-finals take place, as the bakers took on advanced dough week. And though some of their creations were a marvel to look at, it was the hilarious one-liners that really got us giggling.

Here are four we managed to pick up on - did we miss any out?

Naughty Nancy / Credit: BBC

"I think that's as big as I dare go without ripping it." - Nancy

"How much length do you want!?" - Sue
"Well, it needs to wrap around." - Richard

"We love chunky nuts. You know we love chunky nuts! That is one hell of a snake." - Mel

"It's enormous, certainly bigger than one I've done before." - Nancy

Cheeky Bake Off.

The series continues with its penultimate episode next Wednesday, October 1 at 8pm on BBC One.

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