Henry Garrett and David Wilson Barnes in The Son / Photo Credit: AMC
Henry Garrett and David Wilson Barnes in The Son / Photo Credit: AMC

Following the chaotic and dramatic first season of AMC series The Son, audiences were left wondering exactly where the McCullough family could go after the shocking events of the Season 1 finale. With Pete turning on his family in an effort to bring some peace and prosperity to the wider future, it's possible that he's set off a chain of events that there's no coming back from.

"I guess what excites me about Season 2, and one of the great things about the writers of The Son, is that they've got a group of people who have been through so much together," says actor Henry Garrett, who plays Pete McCullough. "Now, the McCulloughs are forced to face the consequences of the deadly day that happened at the end of Season 1; they're forced to face that as a group and, are facing up to each other."

Despite Pete choosing what he thought was the path of "good" over his own flesh and blood, he became quite the fan-favourite character in the show's first 10 episodes.

"Hopefully, people see Pete as being the voice of reason," Garrett continues. "For me, it's quite nice to hear that people connect to that, as there's quite a lot of violence in the world and quite a lot of destruction that goes on, so it's quite nice that people can relate to someone who's trying to walk a peaceful path. I think that's quite reassuring."

He adds: "To be an idealist in a testing world, you're always gonna feel let down, or that things could be done in a different way. I think that's a huge challenge for Pete. However, you need idealists to create a better future. He believes that there can be a better future, and that's what he puts his energy into, and he tries to hold onto that, and I think you need people like that in order to progress as a society, and progress as a race."

Whilst we tackled with two timelines in the show's first season, this time round, a third will be added to the mix. Garrett says that this will allow audiences a "glimpse of the 'future'", including a look at what his character's daughter, Jeannie McCullough, as well as Pete's great grandson will be getting up to.

"I'm really excited about [the new timeline] because it's a fantastic storytelling tool," he explains, "to be able to jump between three different timelines where pieces of information are given to the audience in no order, so it creates a bit of a messy jigsaw, and for me that's an exciting place to be in, where you're piecing things together and then suddenly, you can notice clues from different parts from the three different timelines."

As for working with Pierce Brosnan on the show, who plays his character's own father, Eli McCullough, Garrett describes the experience as "a lot of fun."

Henry Garrett and Pierce Brosnan in The Son / Photo Credit: AMC
Henry Garrett and Pierce Brosnan in The Son / Photo Credit: AMC

"He's such a nice guy," he says. "Such a humble, grounded human and such a generous actor, always, and an exciting actor to work with as well, because he makes strong choices, he makes exciting choices, he delivers the line in the moment and you have to return it, and it lets you tune in and you want to be the best that you can be because, you don't want to let him down and you want to be live. So it was an incredible experience for me."

As for what the future holds, who knows? We know that this second season of The Son will be its last, but Garrett isn't worrying about the next job.

"I like to take a bit of time out so there are no projects at the moment that I'm working on," Garrett admits. "I'm not somebody who likes to be working all of the time because, for me as an actor, I try and bring real-life experience into it, and it's hard to get real-life experience when I'm on set all the time. So I like to do other things; be with friends and family who aren't connected to the industry, and to kind of pursue secret endeavours that aren't related to the TV or acting world, and hopefully it will give me knowledge and experience so that when I do have a job, I can bring it to that kind of place and create an authentic character."

The Son Season 2 premieres at 9pm on Tuesday April 30, exclusive to AMC, and continues every Tuesday until July 2.

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