Carrie and Brody’s romance on Homeland might have finally run its course according to Damian Lewis.

When asked by Digital Spy about the two characters reuniting in series three of the show, Lewis quickly responded with “I think Brody and Carrie are over” before following up with “I don’t think they could be together” and finishing of by saying “I don’t think it’s a story that’s got legs”.

Now while this is far from official confirmation from the writers themselves, it’s fair to say that the star of the show might just know a little about his character.

While for many this may be a shock to the system, we think this is exactly the change that the show needs. Too often the relationship between the two overshadowed the bigger story going on in the world of Homeland and while we think that Claire Dane’s is giving the performance of her career as Carrie, we’ve seen her wobbly lip a bit too often.

Don’t get is wrong, we love Homeland here at FemaleFirst. We even named it the best  TV show of 2012, although that was mainly due to the utterly phenomenal first series that aired early in the year. No-one can deny that in the second series, the Carrie-Brody relationship became too much of what the show was all about.

If we can have this poisoned love affair get out of the way, we can get back to having a Carrie not being entirely ruled by her heart, but also by her head, brittle as that may be. To see a Carrie not obsessing over Brody’s involvement in nefarious plots will be a breath of fresh air too.

Hopefully this also means more screen time for Mandy Patinkin and his brilliantly world-weary Saul, now a man thrust into a position of power and forced to deal with some truly terrible levels of fallout following the explosive finale of the second series.

Even though we’ll only get the answers we seek when the third series of Homeland airs in both the US and the UK later on in the year, we’re hopeful that the show can evolve into something even better than before.