How To Get Away With Murder was one of last year's biggest successes, with the show bringing together a stellar cast fronted by the incomparable Viola Davis and delivering a murder mystery like none seen on television before.

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

Now the second season is close to kicking off, but just exactly what can we expect to see, who's joined the cast and what else is going on?

Where did we leave off?

At the end of season one we discovered that Lila Stangard's killer was actually Frank, who we presume to be working under Sam's orders. There was also the cliffhanger ending which saw Frank and Annalise discover Rebecca's dead body in the last few moments, both denying they had any involvement in her murder.

Earlier in the season we found out that Wes was responsible for Sam's murder, and with the help of Annalise he had covered the whole thing up - will they be able to keep that going forever?

Where do things go from here?

Executive producer Pete Nowalk has spoken about where the series could go following Rebecca's death. Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, he teased "Wes is in a much angrier, distrustful place" following Rebecca's death, adding, "Is this because he killed her?"

He also explained how "Annalise will interact with someone from her past" in a bid to keep the Keating Four (Laurel, Connor, Michaela and Asher) in the dark about Rebecca's murder, which further pushes the idea that she will be protecting Wes, who moved to silence Rebecca. Luckily, we won't have to wait long to find out who did the deed, as Rebecca's killer will be unmasked in the season two premiere.

Actor Charlie Weber who plays Frank also spoke about Rebecca's murder, saying: "It's entirely possible that either one of us, Frank or Annalise, killed her. We're so used to lying to each other and ourselves what it is we've done or are capable of. It's completely possible that Frank did it. But if you watch that last hour again, absolutely everyone had an opportunity to do it. So it's completely up in the air. It really could have been any of us. This was about self-preservation: she had dirt on every one of us."

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

We should also expect to explore Frank's relationship with Sam, discovering just why the pair were working together, or why Frank had to deliver on such a dastardly promise to Sam.

Franchise Herald notes that the new episodes will also allow us to delve into the real relationship shared between Annalise and Bonnie - there was some friction there in season one due to Bonnie's love for Sam, so perhaps we'll see a little bit more of that. Nowalk also said: "We're going to find out more about how Bonnie and Annalise know each other."

Connor and Oliver's relationship as well as Oliver's positive diagnosis for HIV will also be a big story going ahead. Nowalk said: "It's our goal to treat that in a way that's real and gives representation to a whole community of people that haven't been on network TV in a while. Oliver and Connor are very important to me and they have a huge fanbase. Their relationship will play a big part in season two."

Who's back for season 2?

Despite Rebecca being dead, she is going to come back in flashbacks for the new season which will hopefully begin to explain just why who killed her did so.

All of the main cast will return, so that's Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weba, Lisa Weil and Billy Brown stepping back up to join the madness once more.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Which new faces are onboard?

Amy Okuda (Grey's Anatomy, Californication) is one of the most recent cast additions, with Kendrick Sampson (The Vampire Diaries) and Matt Cohen (Supernatural) also joining the ranks for the new batch of episodes. Details surrounding Okuda and Sampson's roles are being kept underwraps, but Cohen's character has been named as "sexy, edgy, working class guy", Levi.

Famke Janssen also joins the show as Eve: "A brilliant defense attorney who takes her job very seriously." There's huge potential here for a rivalry with none other than Annalise - but just who will viewers be rooting for?

Any promotional clips to tide us over?

Only just! Here's one just in. Showrunners and the like must want to keep as much about this season as possible underwraps, because aside from the tidbits of information Nowalk offers up and this short trailer, there's nothing else to sift through!

How To Get Away With Murder returns to ABC on September 24 in the US, with the show returning to the UK on Universal on Wednesday, October 28.

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