Lennie James may be a man the world knows for being in front of the camera, but with new British thriller Save Me, he’s not only starring in a leading role, but created and wrote the series. Bringing together a cast of incomparable British talents, the show is set to make its debut on Sky Atlantic tonight (February 28).

Ahead of the premiere, we caught up with star Kerry Godliman to find out a little bit more about what to expect from the series, her character, and more. Read on to find out what she had to say!

Credit: Justin Downing for Sky UK
Credit: Justin Downing for Sky UK

What can you tell us about new drama series Save Me, and the character you play?

The pretentious answer is: Save Me is like a film noir, with a classic victim hero descending into an underworld looking for his estranged abducted daughter. The straight answer is it’s a brilliant story set on a council estate, a world you don’t often see on telly, with compelling characters. I play Teens, she’s tough but vulnerable and has a huge heart.

The show is hugely funny in parts, but does get dark as it goes – how did you find balancing these two different tones?

I didn’t even realise it was funny at all when we were filming it! I was shocked when people were laughing at some moments at the screening. I didn’t think about playing it funny. I was having a great time, having a break from comedy, doing a drama, acting my face off.

What was it about this series that attracted your attention and drew you to getting involved?

I was sent the script and asked if I’d like to audition for Teens. As soon as I started reading it I knew it was a great script. The dialogue was so real. It had a rhythm and language to it that just leaped off the page and needed to be said out loud. Learning it was easy. That’s often true of brilliant scripts.

Can you tell us a little bit about a ‘typical’ day on the set of the show? If indeed there were any ‘typical’ days!

The days that stand out were in The Palm Pub, involving a lot of the estate cast members. It was like being in a play. It felt like a real ensemble. Nick [Murphy] the director created a wonderful atmosphere where we were encouraged to offer up very honest responses. We all got on really well and had a lot of fun.

The chemistry in the series is apparent from the off; is that something you also felt behind-the-scenes with your fellow actors?

I felt it from the read through. There was a warmth from the get go. I think Lennie and Nick were responsible for putting together a cast of people that would really click.

Credit: Justin Downing for Sky UK
Credit: Justin Downing for Sky UK

How was it to work with such great British talents on the series?

It felt very exciting. I came home giddy from set every night. I kept saying to my husband, “I can’t believe I’m in this, with all these great actors”.

How would you say this drama stands out when compared to others of the same genre?

I think Save Me stands out for a few reasons. Firstly, the writing is unique. Lennie’s voice as a writer is very distinctive. It’s lyrical and honest. Also, I think it captures a working class world, a council estate community that doesn’t patronise or stereotype.

Aside from Save Me, what should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

I’m doing another series of Bad Move for ITV. I’m in Bliss on Sky at the moment. There’s a few more bits and bobs that I’m not allowed to mention.

Are there any big franchises on TV you’d love to be a part of in the future?

I’d like my own sitcom. That would be a dream come true.


Save Me comes to Sky Atlantic tonight (February 28), with all six episodes of the series now available on-demand and on NOWTV.

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